Wedding dress shopping is one of the most anticipated tasks on a bride’s to-do list. Well, for most brides! The reality is that just as many brides dread the thought of stepping into a bridal boutique. They don’t expect their needs to be met or they feel self-conscious. And that’s understandable! We all have down days, but your wedding dress appointment is not the time to question your self-worth. It is a beautiful occasion that every bride deserves to enjoy. To help you make the most of this experience, here are a few tips on how to stay body positive while wedding dress shopping.

Treat Yourself!

Leading up to your wedding dress appointment, make sure to set aside some time to treat yourself. Getting all dolled up will make you feel more confident, so you will be in a better mental state come time to step foot into a store. Consider getting your nails done, having your hair fixed, or even hiring a professional makeup artist. Whatever you need or want to feel like your very best self!

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Enjoy a Nutritious Meal

It is so important that you enjoy a good meal before dress shopping. Most brides avoid eating the day of shopping. Often thinking it will help them fit into a smaller dress. But you’ll want, and need, to eat come the day of your wedding. At which point your dress may be uncomfortable around the midsection. Eat like you normally would, so that you feel well both physically and mentally.

Bring a Support System

Its tradition that a bride brings a group of close friends and family wedding dress shopping. But you shouldn’t select anyone on a whim or out of guilt. The people that attend your appointment will be your support system and you need them to act as such. They should know how to identify when you need encouragement and be willing to step in. You don’t want anyone passive, nor do you want any negative Nancys.

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Work WITH Your Consultant

At most wedding dress stores or boutiques, there will be bridal consultants. One will be assigned to you and it is their responsibility to guide you through the process. Not only that but they are meant to help you enjoy the experience. They are the experts in their fields and know what works best for each body type. While you may find yourself tempted to fight their recommendations, try to lean into them instead. It is alright to voice your concerns and worries, but trust that they have your best interests at heart.

Keep the Talk Positive

All too many of us talk poorly about ourselves. We do it daily! Using words like disgusting, fat, ugly and worse, as descriptors. In addition to holding your support system to a higher standard, you should do the same for yourself. You wouldn’t say those things about anyone else, and so you don’t deserve it either. Keep your words constructive to avoid spiraling. If you feel unable to do so, it may be a good idea to reschedule for another day, when you’re in a better headspace.

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Have an Open Mind

You must do your research before entering a wedding dress shop. Otherwise, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of options. This being said, you shouldn’t enter a dress shop with a closed mind. For example, you might be unwilling to step outside of your comfort zone and try on a dress you hadn’t previously considered. A dress that you didn’t anticipate just might end up being your favorite. But you’ll never know if you don’t give it a chance.

Buy a Dress That Fits

If there is one piece of advice we beg you to follow, it is to buy a dress that is the right size. Do not buy a dress that is too small with the intention of losing weight. You’re playing a risky game that can cripple your self-worth and cost you a lot of money. It will also make it next to impossible for you to enjoy your engagement. If you buy a dress that is the right size, it can always be sized down during your alterations. However, there is no way to make a smaller wedding dress bigger. 

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Remember That You Are Loved!

Don’t ever forget about the people who love you, regardless of your size. Size is simple a number, and that number does not dictate your worth! Go wedding dress shopping with all of the excitement you can muster, an open mind, and loving people by your side. That is the secret formula for a successful wedding dress appointment.

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