A form of decorative handwriting, calligraphy has become the lettering of choice for a variety of wedding items. Perhaps it’s the delicate air it exudes or the intricate details that lend to a luxurious look. No matter, it can be featured on virtually anything and everything, from stationary to decorations and beyond! To help inspire your creativity, here are a few ways that you can feature calligraphy at your wedding.

Ceremony Backdrop

An alternative to a plain or strictly decorative wedding backdrop, consider a banner featuring calligraphy. It can say anything, whether you prefer a quote, song lyrics, or another meaningful phrase. For a more colorful look, you can use a colorful banner or include intricate embroidered details. It will look gorgeous for pictures, but can also double as home decor once the day is done.

calligraphy wedding tapestry backdrop

Via @katrinaotterwed / Calligraphy @thelittlelendingco / Photographer @beccygoddard / Venue @eggington_house

Jean Bride Jacket

We love a unique bridal accessory, and our jean jackets are just that! They are available in a variety of styles, including pearl and Swarovski embellished. Best of all, your new last name will stand out in bright white calligraphy style embroidery. It will look gorgeous over your wedding dress and will be much appreciated for a cool evening affair. Be sure to check out our matching ‘Babe’ jean jackets for your bridesmaids!

bride jean jacket with calligraphy

Via @brightonyourdayphoto

Decorative Signage

Similar to the ceremony banner, decorative signs with calligraphy can be used throughout your venue. One for the entrance, one to welcome guests to the reception, and anywhere in between. You can keep it simple by creating signage for directions, perhaps to restrooms. Or have fun and feature romantic sayings or phrases, as shown below!

calligraphy wedding banner signage

Via @katrinaotterwed / Calligraphy @darwinandgray / Venue @greenacresweddings / Photo @beccygoddard

Escort Cards

No doubt you’ve seen your fair share of calligraphy adorned escort cards. You can use virtually any item as an alternative to a card, whether it be a leaf, shell, or agate slice. And to spice things up a little, write your guest’s names in romantic calligraphy - perhaps with a bright metallic color. You can feature your escort cards on an interactive seating chart or place one at each setting. Even better if it doubles as a wedding favor.

agate escort cards calligraphy

Via @thebeetique

Dinner Menu

Calligraphy is an art that can take any item from drab to fab! A wedding menu is typically boring - except for the delicious food it features. But with this romantic font, it will become a memorable detail. For stationary such as this, we will mention that you should use calligraphy sparingly. It can easily become illegible, when too small or too crowded. 

wedding dinner menu calligraphy

Via @indiancottonpaperco / Artwork: @adornmarket⠀⠀

Bar Signage

In recent years, wedding bars have become more personalized, with custom menus courtesy of the bride and groom. Beer and wine aside, your guests will appreciate a small selection of colorful and tasty cocktails. Once you have chosen your signature drinks, a bar sign with calligraphy is the perfect way to showcase all of the options. Be sure to list out all of the ingredients and, if you like, a cute drawing of the drink.

wedding bar signage

Via @xomoreauweddings / Photo/video: @reighwalker / Planning: @xomoreauweddings / Bar Sign: @owlandenvelope

Seating Chart

With each passing day, seating charts are getting more and more creative. As with escort cards, couples want to make this typically boring detail more decorative. Seating charts can be made of and with next to anything, but for your guest’s name go with calligraphy. It will lend a truly romantic edge to any setup while complementing any wedding them or style.

wedding seating chart

Via @joyeuxevents / Photo: @kaylaaesparza / Calligraphy: @lettersbyceleste_ / Florist: @floralsbyalanamarie / Venue: @themapleswoodland⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Neon Signs

Bringing a nostalgic touch to weddings, neon signs are picking up in popularity. They make for a unique decoration, even more so when designed to replicate calligraphy. They are most often featured as a ceremony backdrop, over a cake table, or behind a sweetheart table. For the words themselves, we recommend a short romantic phrase or your new last name. If you’re feeling a little edgy, “Til Death Do Us Party” is perfect for a reception.

wedding neon sign

Via @howdydudeyneon

Do you plan to feature calligraphy at your event? Let us know how in the comments below, or tell us which of these ideas is your favorite!

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