Have you ever looked at your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding photos and found the bridesmaid dresses to look horribly outdated? Whether they feature hilarious prints or colors, it’s a feeling that most brides want to avoid. You want to look back on your day with joy, rather than regrets. And one failsafe way to ensure that your day is timeless is a neutral wedding palette. To help you create a cohesive look, that extends to your wedding party, we’re sharing neutral bridesmaid dresses for every type of bride.


What nude looks like may depend on the skin tone of your girls. But you can imagine how beautiful everyone would look in a gown that complements their complexion! Nude bridesmaid dresses will lend a chic but organic look to your bridal party. Making it a great color choice for a warm-weather outdoor. We recommend pairing a natural nude with a crisp white, as well as other brown shades.

nude bridesmaid dresses

Via @kayleechelseaphotography / Dress: @mumuweddings 


Ever heard of champagne bridesmaid dresses? Let us introduce you! Like the bubbly drink, the color champagne is a soft and buttery shade of yellow. It’s a unique option that will lend a fun and youthful vibe to your day. We love this color for a spring day. But if you’re looking to tone it down, opt for a dusty blush or silver.

champagne bridesmaid dresses

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Dusty Blue

Think blue but a dustier hue! Bright blues are chic, but this slightly grey alternative will lend a more sophisticated touch to your day. It’s an especially beautiful option for a timeless winter wedding, giving off icy vibes. We recommend pairing it with silver and grey-green for a cold-weather event. Or, keep things light when you opt for colors like peach and yellow.

dusty blue bridesmaid dresses

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Dove Grey

Grey is a beautiful neutral color and so understated! It is actually one of the most versatile options, as it goes with every color (seeing as it is void of any). Note, however, that it can appear to have a light purple tint - as shown in the picture below! Consider complementing it with a vibrant spring-inspired bridal bouquet, featuring colors like orange, yellow, and pink.

silver bridesmaid dresses

Via @loveandcovenant

Dark Grey

Want a richer neutral? Go with dark grey! It works in all of the same ways as a dove grey but will give more depth to your palette. Whether you feature equally dark colors or balance it out with brighter shades. This color looks especially stunning when complemented with white florals or greenery. A palette that looks gorgeous regardless of the season.

dark grey bridesmaid dresses

Via @srs_events / HMUA: @mab.artistry / Photo: @dyannalamora


Some brides avoid the color black like the plague, but we’re here to help you come around. It is actually an effective way to lend a sense of elegance to your wedding, regardless of location. However, it is an especially beautiful choice for a formal affair or a downtown event. This neutral color also works year-round, although we love how it pops against a lush spring setting.

black bridesmaid dresses

Via @flywith_ave


Now popular, past generations never would have considered white bridesmaids dresses. But it’s become a hit, especially for a boho-themed wedding. Typically, it is paired with a range of brown shades or soft pinks, for a warm and welcoming vibe. Or, pull off a glam event when you stick to an all-white palette, complemented by simple greenery.

white bridesmaid dresses

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Been dreaming of a pink wedding? Mauve is a dusty pink color that is feminine but sophisticated. It’s a beautiful option that looks stunning year-round, and pairs well with a wide array of colors. Consider complementing it with grey, silver, and white. Or for a slightly more youthful look, add a dusty blue to the mix.

mauve bridesmaid dresses

Via @bethanymcneill / Florals: @benosflowers / Venue: @theharmac


With a grayish, silvery undertone, sage is a stunning color that screams spring. It has become popular in recent years along with the peak in white and green weddings. This color is more useful during spring and is often paired with pops of bright colors, like a peach. If you choose to feature it during winter, we recommend pairing it with a true silver and bright white.

sage bridesmaid dresses

Via @loveandcovenant / Photo @vchapmanstudio 

Let us know what you think of these neutral bridesmaid dresses! What colors do you plan on featuring at your event?

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