A bridal bouquet is a traditional wedding accessory! It typically features colors from your palette and helps tie your wedding attire into your overall theme. Take a look at these 10 unique flowers that will make for a bold bridal bouquet. We hope they will inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement for your special day.

  1. King Protea

A tropical flower, King Proteas are large and command attention. They a fun way to add color, as well as texture to a bouquet. King Proteas come in pink, red and white, and will best suit a more traditional arrangement and color scheme. If you prefer a bolder pop of color or texture, opt for bright orange Pincushion Proteas.

king protea bridal bouquet

Via @sarahpukinphotography

  1. Dahlias

Soft, symmetrical flowers, Dahlias are a standout choice. They come in a wide variety of colors and will complement a range of palettes. However, they are most popular for spring and summer, in pink or deep red. Dahlias pair well with other soft petaled flowers, such as roses and ranunculus.

dahlia wedding bouquet

Via @flowersbyjanie / Photo @starrmercer / Planner @chemistryeventsyyc / Dress @anaisanette / Hair @paintedpink_inc / Makeup @linsahoo

  1. Peonies

You can’t go wrong with a peony wedding bouquet! Peonies are ultra-feminine and oh so versatile. The bulbs can be kept together, to lend a luxe look. Or, gently pried a part for a softer vibe. They pair well with ranunculus and roses, but they also look beautiful with more organic flowers, like blue delphinium and greenery.

pink peony bridal bouquet

Planner: @VivaBellaEvents

  1. Orchids

Orchids come in all kinds of shapes and colors and will take any bridal bouquet to the next level. They’re a great option for more elegant events, as well as tropical-themed or destination weddings. Consider white phalaenopsis orchids for a timeless all-white wedding look. Or go with a more colorful species, like Cattleya orchids.

orchid wedding bouquet

Photo @cassiedavisphoto / Florals & Design @jubilee_flowers / Venue @littlepointclear / Planner @ashleyrelfe

  1. Tulips

The go-to flower for spring, Tulips will lend a timeless look to your wedding ensemble. They feature a sleek shape and long stems and come in a variety of stunning colors. Consider combining a range of colors, or opt for a solid-colored bouquet. If you would prefer a more organic-looking arrangement, include greenery and other leafy fillers.

tulip bridal bouquet

Via @stephaniebrazzle / Bouquet: @debbyjewesson with @branchingoutevents / Planner @meaghan_cody @sweetpeateam @MichelleFingert

  1. Hydrangeas

Fluffy and beautifully scented, hydrangeas are a classic choice for a summer or warm-weather wedding. Our favorite color is blue, as it is bright yet chic - and makes for the perfect ‘something blue’! However, they are also available in white, pink, and some shades of purple. Hydrangeas act as a beautiful filler and can lend a lot of volume to a bouquet, but can also be featured standalone.

hydrangea wedding bouquet

Via @decor.mia

  1. Blue Thistle

Although Blue Thistle isn’t a flower, it’s a popular filler used in bridal bouquets. Why? It’s a way to infuse an understated touch of color into an all-white bouquet - like the one shown below. It’s an especially beautiful filler for cool-weather events, which typically feature bright cool-toned palettes.

blue thistle wedding bouquet

Via @caitlinpagephotography / Florist @branchandbloomnh

  1. Magnolias

Magnolia flowers are a highly underrated choice for a bridal bouquet. They are simple but elegant, making them a beautiful choice for a neutral-themed wedding. Feature just the blooms, for a fun and feminine all-white arrangement. Or, include the signature flowers, with a green top and brown underside, for a more organic feel. Both of these styles would work well for an outdoor spring celebration.

wedding magnolias

Via @thismodernromance

  1. Anemones

One of the most popular flowers as of late are Anemones. They aren’t necessarily anything special, except that they’re incredibly versatile. They look beautiful in a cool-toned bouquet alongside green-grey greenery for a winter wedding. As well as a lush and colorful spring arrangement. Even better, they are available in lots of colors, including white, purple, pink, and blue.

anemone bridal bouquet

Via @sayleslivingstondesign / Photo: @meaganemilia

  1. Ranunculus

One of our personal favorites is ranunculuses. These romantic flowers feature tightly packed petals and are mostly symmetrical. Making them a good way to balance out an otherwise wild and whimsical arrangement. Ranunculuses come in the largest array of colors, from vibrant yellows and oranges to pinks and reds. Some are even two-toned!

ranunculus wedding bouquet

Wedding Planner @weddingsbysusandunne / Photographer @lucymunozphotography / Florist @emblemflowers

Fall in love with one of these bold bridal bouquets or flowers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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