Elopement weddings are on the rise thanks (or no thanks) to the pandemic! More and more couples are opting to save time and money by getting hitched and adventuring in one fell swoop. A choice made easier by the increase of elopement packages, created by quick to respond wedding venues and wedding planners. Keep reading to get inspired by some of the hottest elopement ideas that you can pull off right here in the good old USA! Any of these plans are bound to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Before You Book

Prior to making any official plans, like booking a plan ticket or hiring a photographer, there are a few things to consider. Namely, what you need for a legal wedding. Unless you are eloping for the thrills, then you’ll want the ceremony to be official. Wherever you are going and however you plan to elope, you need to check the requirements for an officially binding wedding. This includes whether you need witnesses, an officiant or paperwork. And on and on. All these details will depend on the location your choose, so do your homework and get all your ducks in a row!

Elopement Ideas in the US

1. Vegas Baby
Don’t be fooled by the movies! Vegas is not some cheap or tacky way to get married. In fact you can go as big in Vegas as you would anywhere else, if not bigger! An elopement in Vegas gives you tons of options, especially for trendy downtown photographs buzzing with life. There is Las Vegas Boulevard for the young at heart, some of the most exquisite country clubs in the country, and Nelson Ghost Town for true boho brides. The options are endless and no matter your choice, it will be a one-of-a-kind affair.

elopement in vegas
2. On the Water
If the water is the place you feel safe, then get married out in the open on a boat fit for two. Seriously, rent a kayak or canoe and hit the water. While this type of elopement is best when an officiant is not required, you can probably make it work. What’s so special about this type of elopement? The quite tranquility of a remote stretch of water is unrivaled. Exchange your vows in peace and revel in the moment. Of course, a photographer on shore to capture the moment is nice too!
3. Somewhere in the Mountains
Mountain destinations are one of the most popular ways to elope. They provide a secluded setting for a ceremony and some of the most picturesque backdrops imaginable. Some of our favorites? Check out Mt. Rainier National Park, the Olympic Mountains and Zion National Park. If those don’t do it for you, or are too far away, no worries. The US has not shortage of mountain ranges. Just remember, reaching these gorgeous destinations may come at the price of a breathtaking (literally) hike.

mountain elopement
4. In the Middle of the Desert
If you’d rather skip on the hike, then get low instead. The US is also home to some of the most beautiful and remote deserts. Think Sedona, Joshua Tree, and the Moab. Each of these locations offer a unique environment, with it’s own vegetation and wildlife. They are a fun place to explore, with caution, and say “I Do” to your one and only. Deserts are a great location for boho brides, as well as more chic brides who want to stand out in the remote setting. If this is your destination of choice, we recommend a dress that features lots of flowing material that can catch in the wind.
5. Along the Ocean
For our beach babes, you can’t beat an oceanside wedding. But what sets a beachside elopement apart from a traditional beach wedding? Mostly your choice of destinations. Without a whole heap of guests in tow, you can go to less than easy to reach locations. There are many intimate coves and peninsulas to venture out on in places like Hawaii and Oregon. There you will have unrivaled sunset views with water lapping at your toes. For this type of elopement, we caution that an experienced guide is a must!

beach elopement
6. Snowcapped Mountains
Don’t mind braving the cold? Then consider making the trek to a snowcapped mountain range. As if any landscape blanketed in snow wasn’t beautiful enough, try experiencing a remote snowcapped mountain range. This setting lends an air of intimacy that you won’t be quick to forget! Take a trip to Lake Tahoe, Whitefish, Breckenridge, or even as far as Alaska. Once again, we recommend having an experience guide for this type of elopement.
7. Beneath the Falls
The beach isn’t everyones forte, and that’s okay. Let’s face it, sand isn’t necessarily a fun friend. So instead, venture to one of the many waterfalls located throughout the US. Such as Abiqua Falls, Burney Falls, Rainbow Falls, or Mesa Falls. The waterfall truthfully doesn’t have to be as big as any of these to be spectacular. No matter, you’ll be able to have an intimate wedding ceremony to the beautiful sound of water splashing nearby.

waterfall elopement
8. Picnic with a View
One of the latest elopement trends, that we are all on board with, are intimate picnics! There are a plethora of companies who will take care of the set up and food, so all you have to do is show up. You can choose from countless locations all the US, from a local park to a distant destination with a view. From there, enjoy a private candlelit dinner or array of appetizers, before partaking in a small ceremony. It’s one of the best ways to host a memorable wedding on a budget! 
9. Close to Home
The fact is that you don’t have to go far from home to elope. And it will be as beautiful and meaningful as any other destination would be. So why would you elope close to home? For starters, because it is your home. For those with big ties to the place where they were born and raised, why not? Second, if you have a very small budget. Eloping near home will allow you to save in way more areas than travel. Money which you can then use for a honeymoon or your first home.

backyard elopement
10. Into the Woods
By far one of our favorite settings for an elopement is a secluded patch of woods. And the great part about finding land with woods is that it’s not hard in the US. Seriously, they’re everywhere. So the only reason the choice may be hard is if you’re looking to have specific trees in the backdrop, like the Giant sequoias. In any case, the woods provide a remote setting for an intimate and ethereal ceremony and photo session.
Feeling inspired by one of these elopement ideas? Let us know your elopement plans, destination or date below!
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