After all the planning and day-of wedding duties are said and done, it’s time to kick back and relax with your new husband or wife. And while the world is your oyster, we understand that it can be difficult to narrow down a destination that suits your personal interests. To get inspired, check out some of the 10 hottest honeymoon destinations of 2021.

1. The Maldives

Want blue oceans and white beaches? The Maldives it is! Situated in the Indian Ocean, this destination is one for water and water sport lovers. Here you can enjoy swimming, fishing and snorkeling, in addition to beach sitting and touring local marketing. When it comes to hotels, the options are endless, although most will highlight massage and spa treatments. On the other hand, the more remote resorts will offer a better chance at seering clear night skies and unique wild life. You can visit the Maldives year round, although November to April will be the most dry.

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2. Santorini, Greece

If you have done any research on honeymoon destinations, then Santorini has already been in your line of sight. Located in Greece, this picture perfect island is an absolut dream. Wander the streets surrounded by white washed buildings, enjoy a boat tour on the crystal waters, or go on a hike from village to cliff top. At this destination you will find luxurious adult only resorts and spas, as well as more boutique style stays. We recommend visiting around Spring or Autumn, to vest avoid the heat and crowds.

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3. Scotland

Where do we event start? Scotland is the land of castles and unrivaled scenery. Think of endless mountains capped with snow, sea cliffs, and valleys that go on for miles. Scotland is steeped in history, yet incredibly colorful. Here you can stay at historic luxury hotels, modern AirBnbs, as well as remote cottages. One thing is for certain, to take in all of Scotland you’ll want to plan an extended stay. The best time to visit is May to June and September. But to avoid the crowds you might consider braving a little rain in July and August.

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4. Thailand

Thailand has become more of a hit in recent years, with it being affordable yet as beautiful as any other destination. With over 1,400 islands off the coastline, there is not shortage of exploration to be done. Whether you prefer to do it via boat, bike or a hike. While accommodations here are more relaxed, they are romantic. With nearby local life, including tasty food and a fun nightlife. To avoid the heat, we recommend you visit between November to April, at the latest.

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5. St. Lucia

If you want views straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean, then you’ve got to go to St. Lucia. With it’s hidden waterfalls, lush rainforest, twin Les Pitons, and a drive-in volcano, it’s paradise. View the wildlife while you enjoy calm watersports, visit town for the mouthwatering food, or watch the sunset from a local seaside eatery. For overnight lodging you will have your pick between luxurious resorts, including eco-friendly options. Or more secluded resorts, like the adult only Ti Kaye. Best time to visit? From December to April.

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6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking Amsterdam. A truly unique city full of beautiful people, here you can enjoy everything from the canals, to cycling, art museums and open air markets. There are also a variety of hotels, from luxury hotels like the Waldorf Astoria to more quaint Airbnbs. The best time to make this trip is between April and September, although be prepared for crowds due to the famous tulip season!

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7. Hawaii

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is a popular warm weather destination. With tranquil sandy beaches, crystal clear waterfalls, lush rainforests and some of the most amazing sunsets - what’s not to love? Make it a luxe trip when you stay at renowned resorts like Four Season Mauii, or wake up to a more rural coastline at the Hawaiian Princess at Makaha. The best times to visit are June to August, and December to April. Note however that some seasons are rainer than others.

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8. Kyoto, Japan

Japan isn’t one of the first places people think of when it comes to a honeymoon, but maybe it should be. Kyoto in particular, the former capitol, is chock full of beautiful history. There you will be immersed in culture, including mesmerizing temples and shrines, exceptional gardens, and some of the most delicious food imaginable. We recommend visit during late March to early April for cherry blossom season. Otherwise aim for May and October to November.

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9. Iceland

If jawdropping landscapes do it for you, look no further than Iceland. You simply can’t beat this magical destination, which features everything from glaciers, to geothermal lagoons, deep fjords and sea cliffs. Here you will also find elegant spas, like The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, as well as cozy cottages in more rural areas. If you prefer, consider going off the beaten path during a scenic drive or guided overnight tour. You can visit Iceland during both warm and cool weather seasons, from June to August or over the holidays.

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10. Cuba

The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba offers an unrivaled experience! There is historic Havana, a variety of stunning coastlines, coffee plantations, the most amazing forests, and so much more. Make your trip as luxe as you like via all-inclusive resorts, or beat to the rhythm of your own drum and hunt down an intimate Cuban bed and breakfast. One thing is for sure, wherever you go and however you travel, expect amazing food and the sound of salsa. The best time to visit this destination is November to March, July and August.

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Did one of these honeymoon destination catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below, or clue us in to your travel plans!

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