In terms of wedding decor, the ceremony backdrop has to be one of our favorite details! It is one of the first impressions that guests will have of your day. It can also make or break your wedding photos. As far as options, they’re endless! And we encourage you to create or alter a backdrop to be uniquely you. To help spark some creativity, here are some of our favorite wedding backdrop ideas for the modern and trendy bride!
Triangle Wedding Arch
In recent years triangle wedding arches have become as popular as a standard wedding arch. It is equally simple and classic yet beautiful. Often dressed up with florals, it is easy to customize to match your theme or palette. But you might also use macrame, drapery, as well as lanterns. This sharp shape is sure to add a sleek modern look to your ceremony.
triangle wedding arbor
Fringe Backdrop
For a colorful wedding like the one shown below, you need a unique backdrop to match. A simple fringe that catches the light is perfect, especially in a bright wedding venue. This set up features layers of teal blue fringe over silver and white fringe. Alongside decor in other vibrant colors, you’ve got a ceremony that is super chic and oh so fun!
fringe wedding arbor
Fireplace or Mantle
A common design element in wedding venues are fireplaces or mantles. They may be a remanent of a formerly functional house, or purely aesthetic. In either case, they can be a stunning backdrop. Hearths are very meaningful, as the center gathering place of a home. It’s a very significant place to exchange vows. To dress a mantle up a little, you can feature florals or greenery, a variety of candles, and more!
mantle wedding backdrop
Grounded Floral Ach
The perfect decor for a scenic venue is a grounded floral arch! These unique floral arrangements can be as wide or tall as you like, but to complement the landscape the shorter the better. They are often created using pampas grass and other textured plants for a luxe look. While the photo below features a grounded floral arch for a beach wedding, it can also work for mountain views and overlooks.
grounded floral arbor
Photo @emilyannekeeney / Planning / @emilyannekeeney / Dress @lulus / Groom Attire @hm / Venue @visitkalalochlodge
Macrame Backdrop
Macrame has been peaking in popularity lately and has creeped over to wedding decor. These intricate pieces are perfect for a boho wedding featuring neutral colors and fun texture. You can have a custom macrame backdrop created for your specific event on websites like Etsy or by a small artist. And can include your wedding colors, beads and other personal details. 
macrame wedding backdrop
Art Installations
You’ve probably seen this style of wedding backdrop all over Instagram and Pinterest. These super trendy art installations turned backdrops are custom made to suit your wedding theme. So you can dictate the shape, colors, and more! They are often complemented with floral arrangements or pampas grass, and can be used both indoor or out. Art installations such as this are a fun option for a modern bride who wants a cool contemporary vibe.
art installation wedding backdrop
Entryway Backdrop
Hear us out. If you want a traditional arbor or arch shapes backdrop, consider an entryway. They are a great way to save on a temporary arbor, yet equally beautiful. If doors are present you can decorate them with wreaths. If not, potted plants or voluminous floral arrangements will do! Keep it simple or make it as luxe as you like.
doorway wedding backdrop
Scenic Backdrop
If your event will take place outdoors, consider letting nature do all the work. Take the photo below for example! A snow covered forest is magical in and of itself. It doesn’t need anything to make it better, in fact you are more likely to make it look worse. You could pull of this look in a variety of locations, whether it be a mountain overlook, a colorful garden, or a quiet beach.
snow covered forest wedding
A Personal Backdrop
You can never go wrong infusing wedding decor with you personal interests. Like this unique surf themed backdrop on the beach! It’s perfect for an outdoorsy couple who enjoys catching some waves together. No matter your interests or passions, incorporating them into your decor ensures an event is all the more memorable.
beach surfboard wedding backdrop
Love these wedding backdrop ideas? Let us know which one was your favorite, or the type of backdrop you featured at your event!
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