The ceremony is undoubtedly the most important part of your wedding day, making it all the more important that you get the setup right! But before the ceremony can begin, first comes your grand entrance and a walk down the aisle. And while you may be tempted to skip over decorating this comparatively small space, there are lots of ways to spruce it up a little. Today we’re sharing some of the hottest ways that you can decorate the wedding aisle, for a picture-perfect wedding entrance!

Decorate the Aisle Seating

If you want to keep your aisle decor simple, we recommend decorating the aisle seats. This will mark the boundaries of the aisle, making your entrance pictures look all the more stunning. The most popular method to decorate chairs is attaching small floral arrangements. Shown below is a simpler arrangement, tied at the top corner of the chairs. However, you can get as extravagant as you like. Get creative with the shape of your arrangement and the inclusions!

floral aisle seating decor

Via @brideandblossom / Venue, Catering & Cake: @bluehillfarm / Photographer: @craigpaulsonstudio / Planner: @paulaclementewoods 

Ground Floral Arrangements

Equally popular are floral arrangements placed on the ground, often next to chairs. As mentioned before, you can make these arrangements as small or big as you like. The taller and wider, the more luxe of a look you will achieve. We’re loving the picture shown below, as the ground arrangements were made to match the backdrop florals. Creating a completely cohesive ceremony look. But, if you aren’t to worried about the arrangements matching, you can instead pick a smaller selection of flowers that complement your palette.

boho floral aisle decor

Via @cocomelodyofficial / Photography: @bueno_jeniffer / Styling + Flowers: @ninavintagedecor / Venue: @fazendaquilombolimeira / Accessories: @grproducao

Flowers to Enclose the Aisle

If you love the look of flowers along the aisle but want a more over-the-top vibe, feature more arrangements, placed closer together. This will create a dramatic makeshift fence, completely separating you and your guests. And let us reassure you, the photographs will look amazing! While the photo shown below is a shorter flower hedge, you can make it as tall as you like. Just be careful to consider whether it will obstruct anyone’s view of the altar.

ground floral aisle decor

Via @dazlproduction / Photos @dazlproduction / Flowers @ronibassil

Glassware & Candles

Maybe flowers aren’t your forte or you would rather mix the decor up a little? In this case, consider lining your aisle way with a mix of candles in cylindrical glasses. This style gives off a romantic and luxurious vibe, perfect for a chic or modern bride. We recommend featuring candles and glassware of staggered heights, for a more visually appealing look. And if you’re using real candles, be sure to have a small fire extinguisher on site in the event of an emergency.

glass and candle aisle decor

Florals @butterflyfloral / Planner @bestbride_ / Photo @angelicamariephoto

Rug Aisleway

For a super trendy boho look, we love the idea of an aisle lined with mismatched rugs. The mix of bold and muted colors are perfect for the free-spirited and laid-back bride-to-be. However, you can choose rugs that best align with your style or theme! So for a more youthful and bubbly feel, use rugs that feature bright colors and fun textures. Or for a glam vibe, go with fluffy solid-colored rugs in white or ivory.

mismatched rug wedding aisle

Via @cornishtentcompany

Oversized Lanterns

One of our personal favorite choices for decor is oversized lanterns. This style is similar to the look achieved with candles but is better for vintage or boho-themed affairs. Here it is shown paired with the mismatched rugs, creating a cozy and romantic ceremony setup. Depending on your preference, you can feature candles inside of the lanterns or fresh greenery. Alternatively, showcase floral arrangements that spill out the side of the lanterns.

oversized lantern wedding aisle decor

Via @lovegoodrentals / Venue @pharmacymuseum 

Flower Petals

If you like the idea of flowers but they aren’t quite within your budget, go with flower petals instead. A longtime sign of romance, they will lend an airy and casual look to your ceremony. Depending on your venue, you can even shape the floral petals into unique designs, like swirls. Of course, if your wedding will take place outside on a windy day, you might opt for another style of decor. In the event that you use fake flower petals, take care to clean up afterwards!

flower petal wedding aisle decor

Venue @bullrun_golfclubevents / Florals @sophiefelts / Photo @photosbysarahbeth / Vintage rentals @smthingvintage


If your day is all about romance then you’ll love the idea of decorating with drapery. Plus, it can be used in a wide variety of ways! For starters, tie large ribbons on the aisle seating. Or create a garland by trying it to chairs the entire length of the aisleway. If you have a venue with a high ceiling or beautiful rafters, as shown below, create long pieces that float to the floor. For an even more romantic vibe, complement them with a sprinkling of string or globe lights!

wedding aisle drapery

  Via @ginger_moon_hire / Venue @bridalbarnwedding / Flowers @gingerlilyflorist / Chairs @tipplesbarandhire

Ready to check decorating the wedding aisle off your to-do list? We hope that these pictures and tips on the latest trends have helped to inspire you. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments below!

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