Selecting the decor for you wedding is a difficult choice considering the countless options! You want decorations that align with your theme or vision, as well as your personality. One especially popular choice, however, is wedding signage. It is simple to create yet oh so fun and functional, whether you prefer verbiage that is more plain or colorful. Today, we’re sharing our top 10 cute wedding signage ideas, to help spark your creativity.

1. Find Your Seat

There are all kinds of ways to help usher your wedding guests to your seat, but this one is hard to beat. If you have a pet who will be attendance, consider assigning them the job of official greeter. Whether your pup gives them a lick or two, or gets a pet in return, it is sure to put a smile on the face of your friends and family. And what better way to kick off the day?

find your seat sign

Via @queenslandbrides / Photo @alyssafisherphoto

2. Spread Love, Not Germs

The reality of hosting a wedding during the pandemic is that you have the double the responsibility when it comes the heath and safety of your guests. One way to encourage guests to practice good hygiene, as well as social distancing, is with signage. It can be simple, such as the example shown below, but guests are sure to appreciate the reminder. We recommend placing signage at any high traffic areas, including entry ways, restrooms, the bar and buffet.

spread love not germs sign

Via @3fatlabs / Sign: @mulberrymarketdesigns

3. Unplugged Wedding

The idea of an unplugged wedding is nothing new! And with the increased popularity of phones and other tech, it never hurts to remind your guests that you want and appreciate their full attention and presence. There are all kinds of ways to playfully ask your guests to put their phones away. But if you want to double down, be sure to ask the officiant to make an announcement prior to your entry.

unplugged wedding sign


4. Signature Drinks

The bar area is always a hotspot at a wedding. After all, who can resist an alcoholic refreshment? If you prefer to keep the crowd down and encourage a faster interaction however, bar signage is especially effective. Simply list your full menu, including signature cocktails and the ingredients. This will allow guests to quickly and easily order a drink, as well as reduce wait times.

signature drinks sign

Via @The_magnolia_venue / Photographer: @magnoliaandember 

5. Welcome to Our Wedding

While welcome signage is not necessary, it is a great way to greet your guests. As well as ensure them that they are headed in the right direction! This example of signage can be helpful in more rural areas, as well as a crowded city setting. For welcome signage the simpler the better. Stick to the date, your names, and as few directions as are needed. Whether it be to parking or the entrance to the venue.

welcome to our wedding sign

Via @mulberrymarketdesigns

6. Dinner is Served

Not only is signage gorgeous, but it can actually save you money! A dinner menu is the perfect example. Versus printing out several menu’s for each table, you can create one large piece of signage at the head of your buffet table. The easier to read and simple the better, so as not to overwhelm the eye. Try to stick to a font(s) that is easy to read, and invest in a sturdy metal easel to display it.

wedding menu sign

Photography by: @briannabroyles / Calligraphy: @chalk_n_ink_

7. The Schedule

Programs are yet another area that you can save some money, considering they are one of the most wasted wedding investments. Guests aren’t too concerned about the schedule for the day, but if you would like to share it a simple sign will do. We recommend displaying this sign at the entrance of the reception space, where guests can quickly take a look upon entry. If you want to add a little extra decor, complement the frame with fresh florals.

wedding schedule sign

Via @sweetandcrafty

8. Dessert Table

In recent years dessert tables have gotten bigger, and more delicious! Couples have strayed away from the traditional white wedding cake and are instead opting for a wide variety of sweet treats. In this scenario, signage can be functional or decorative. For example, if you’re offering a variety of different flavored treats, you’ll want to create a descriptive list. But if you’re just wanting some fun decor, a quick and witty phrase or two will do!

wedding dessert table

Via @bespoke.tacoma / Photography @jordanvoth

9. Ceremony Backdrops

An alternative to a flowers is a large tapestry backdrop. These comparatively simple pieces are a beautiful way to display a meaningful phrase or saying. Whether it be religious, a quote, or even lyrics from your favorite song. It will look beautiful in photographs, and might even cost you quite a bit less! Plus, after the wedding you can keep it and use it to decorate your home.

wedding calligraphy backdrop

Via @banksandleaf

10. Find Your Seat

If you aren’t having a seating chart then you can skip this one! But if you are having a seating chart, signage is a great way to go. It’s a simple way to direct guests to their seats. Especially if you aren’t going the route of doubling up escort cards and wedding favors. Just be sure that the writing is legible, otherwise you may end up with guests piling up in one place as they squint to find their names.

wedding seating chart sign

Via @lingsmoment

Loving these cute wedding signage ideas? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below! If you recreate any of these looks, be sure to tag us on Instagram.

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