If you’re here then that means theres a bright rock perched on your ring finger. In which case, let us be the first to say congratulations, you’re engaged! To help you announce your new status to family and friends, you need an impressive photo of your ring. Here are some foolproof tips and tricks to take the perfect engagement ring selfie.

Tips for Taking a Ring Selfie

  1. Clean That Ring - A good photo starts with a clean and shiny engagement ring! Even if it’s straight from the jeweler, don’t be afraid to give it a quick polish.
  2. Get Those Nails Done - Your nails can make or break a photo! Take a trip to the salon or, at the very least, remove any chipped polish from you last manicure.
  3. Remove Other Jewelry - Your engagement ring should be the star of the show! Take off any other rings that you have on, even if you wear them on the daily.
  4. Play with Lighting - You don’t need to be a pro to understand that lighting is your best friend. Play with different lighting to get optimal shine on your new bling!
  5. Focus! - Don’t rely on your iphone to autofocus. Be sure to tap your ring on the screen to make sure that you capture each and every little detail.
  6. Use a Filter - If all else fails, use a filter to your advantage. Just try to stay away from any filters that will discolor your band or stone. You want the real colors to be on show!

How to Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Some angles are better than others! The best way to find one is to have your own personal engagement ring photoshoot. Try out these different poses and shots, to see which ring selfie you like best.

Straight Overhead

The best angle for any ring is the tried and true overhead shot. Place your hand on a table, or another beautiful surface, and snap away. This angle will show off the shape of your ring, no matter the cut. Just be sure to skip the flash!

overhead ring selfie
Photo @rosesandrainboots

Pick an Exciting Background

A beautiful background won’t detract from your ring, in fact it will help enhance it! No matter where you are, you can find a stunning backdrop in the distance. Use a nearby landscape or skyline to your benefit.

outdoor ring selfie
Photo @ritani

Strike a Pose

One of the easiest ring shots you can take in the comfort of your own home. Just grab your favorite purse, take a seat, set the bag on your lap, and snap away. This will help you achieve a completely natural appearing photo. You can use any item of your preference, including a coffee cup, a planner, and more.

designer purse ring selfie
Photo @freshandfab.glo

Feature Your Furbaby

Including a pet in your ring selfie is an easy way to liven a photo up. Cats and dogs always get more attention, so combining a proposal and pets are a win-win. Unless your pet is pro, posing them can be a little difficult. Take your time and be sure to have lots of treats on hand!

dog ring selfie
Photo @pugbabybao

With Your Fiancé

Why not feature the special person in your life? They are the reason you’re celebrating after all! Let your fiance get involved in your shoot, maybe by taking the photo or by being in the distance. Your options are limitless, so have fun and see what happens.

couple ring selfie
Photo @roamingwithrachael

In general, we recommend that you only upload one engagement ring selfie! Take a whole help of photos and then narrow them down to your favorite. If you use any of these engagement photoshoot ideas, we would love to see the final product. Be sure to tag Something New Bridal Box on Instagram!

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