As we close in on 2021, the wedding color trends are pouring in! Choosing your wedding colors are no easy task, as they are oh so important. The palette you create will dictate everything from the color of your decor to the bridesmaid dresses and beyond. To help you get inspired, we’re sharing what are expected to be the hottest wedding colors for 2021. Get a visual on what the 2021 wedding colors will look like, for every season and type of bride.

Spring 2021 Wedding Colors

These bright and bubbly wedding colors are perfect for the months of March through May!
Bright Blue & Yellow Hues
Blue and yellow are a classic combo that are highly underrated. We’re expecting to see a huge uptick in this pairing, amongst brides who want a lively wedding look. For blues, we recommend the popular slate blue or a cornflower. For yellow, you can go as soft as champagne or as bright as mustard. When it comes to this palette, try to stray away from greenery, or you’ll end up with a slightly green cast.
blue and yellow bridal bouquet
Peachy Pinks & Oranges
Pink is easily one of the most popular spring wedding colors. But we’re proposing that you amp things up a notch by incorporating a mix of orange shades and hues. Orange will add a little fire to your palette, for a more fun and lively look. Try out shades like cream with a pale pink and brick, plus coral, salmon or peach.
peach and pink wedding flowers
Earthy Orange, Pink & White
Neutral tones can be difficult to pull off in the spring time, but we’re here to give you some helpful tips. The best color to start of with for this season is an earthy orange, like rust or terracota. We know what you’re thinking - those are fall colors! But when paired alongside a dusy pink and white, you’ll have a contemporary warm romantic color scheme. Versus the rough fall textures like pampas and wicker, opt for softer vibes provided by roses and ribbon.
rust and orange wedding palette
Why pick a few colors when you can feature them all? A technicolor wedding palette is a no-brainer, especially for a bride who is planning a truly festive affair. Bold and bright colors are non-traditional, but oh so memorable. Combine a rainbow of colors, like mustard, crimson, cerulean, emerald, hot pink and tangerine.  
Technicolor wedding flowers

Summer 2021 Wedding Colors 

For June through August, the trending wedding color are mixed!
Dark & Dusty Hues
We love a bride who isn’t afraid to show off her moody side. Dark and dusty hues makes for a unique summer look, no matter the setting. We recommend a mix of dusty blue or rose, mauve, and grey or cream. These colors provide a beautiful mix of cool and warm tones, for a dramatic and romantic palette. For a more luxe look, you can also add in your preferred metallic, such as gold or silver.
purple and blue wedding bouquet
Leafy Greens & Gold
Green is the color of choice come Summer. But for a instant luxe look, you can’t do better than to pair it with a classic metallic gold and white. While a comparatively simple palette, it is ideal for a bride who wants a sophisticated look. These colors give off a slightly warm vibe that look especially beautiful outside and under a starry summer sky. The best route to pull of this look is to feature gold and white as your primary colors, with floral arrangements soley made of greenery.
green and yellow wedding bouquet
A Rich Mix of Reds
Often reserved for the winter time, a mix of bright and bold reds will make a statement in the summer seasons. You can create a beautiful and vibrant palette with a deep red such as burgundy, a bright shade like crimson, and a lighter hue like indian red. For a dark and moody vibe you can add black to the mix, or to keep it airy a pale pink. We love this colorful combo for a bride with a big personality, especially when featured in a lush and open outdoor setting.
crimson wedding bouquet
Neutral & Bright
Neutral tones are in, and what better way to show them off than with a bright and airy palette. Featuring neutral shades alongside a crisp and pure white adds creates a modern and vibrant vibe. Think of white, cream and beige. And don’t forget that you can incorporate warm or cool tones, like a classic taupe or olive green. These neutral shades are popular for a minimalistic style, and are often paired with lush greenery.
neutral wedding bouquet

Fall 2021 Wedding Colors

As usual, the wedding colors for September through November consist of moody reds and other warm hues.
Luxe Burgundy & Yellow
Burgundy is a popular wedding color, but when paired with yellow you’ve got a bold and modern scheme. These colors will complement the natural fall foliage, whether it is early or late in the season. For a more feminine look you can add a pale pink to the mix, or for a more moody and formal vibe, a classic black.
burgundy and yellow bridal bouquet
Daring Teal & Orange
If you want a 2021 wedding palette that your guests will remember, opt for teal and orange. Bold on their own, when placed side by side these colors create a bold and well balanced palette. While orange will complement the season, dark teal will lend some contrast. While sophisticated this palette is also ideal for a boho bride who likes color. If you want wa warmer scheme, you can add gold and crimson to the mix.
orange wedding bouquet
Purple Perfection
The color of royalty, purple adds an instant luxe look to any event. For a fall wedding, it is dramatic and incredibly elegant. You can feature a range of purple shades of your preference, such as Lilac, Wisteria, Plum, and Mauve. For a more formal affair, you can also feature a grey or black. To lighten it up, add white or cream. Want a touch of glam? Make sure to incorporate some silver metallic accents.
purple wedding bouquet
Spice Collection
A neutral palette consisting of warm tones is perfect for a retro or boho themed wedding. For this look, we recommend you go heavier on dark shades than light. This will lend a more edgy vibe, versus a traditional look. Stick to orange-red neutrals like rust, terracotta, tan, cream and even black. While you want a more monochromatic palette, don’t be afraid of adding in a little greenery.
rust and red wedding bouquet

Winter 2021 Wedding Colors

From December through February, you'll see dark colors and monochromatic palettes!
Black & Grey
You can’t go wrong with a formal color palette of black and grey. This scheme is oh so sophisticated, and perfect for an event around the holidays or on New Years Eve. When it comes to florals and decor, you’ll want to keep things simple and bright with pure white. In the end you’ll have a timeless affair and photographs that easily stand the test of time. 
black and white wedding flowers
Icy Blue Hues
A classic color for the winter time, icy blues can be used to create a bright but not over the top scheme. Blue complements the season beautifully, from the crisp air to the snow covered landscape. When choosing blues, aim for a good mix of dark and light shades. Such as baby blue, dusty blue, dove and metallic silver. These colors work well whether you are indoors or cozied up under a tent.
blue and white wedding flowers
Sage & Beige
Sage green is predicted to be one of the hottest colors of 2021. And while most will use it for the spring, you’ll want to consider it come winter. Featured alonside a light beige, it creates a modern minimalistic wedding scheme. It is perfect for a bride who wants an understated look, or has invested in a beautiful venue. For more dimension, you can add a dusty grey into the mix.
white wedding flowers
Merry Berries
Berry tones are always a winner in the Winter months. Beautiful and bold purples and blues can be used to create a luxe and colorful palette. Often paired with bright white, this creates an elegant winter look. It is ideal for a bride who wants a traditional and natural scheme. Specific colors you can use include fuschia, plum, crimson and navy blue.
berry toned bridal bouquet
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