Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and no bride should go at it alone! It takes a whole team of people, who we’re sure would be more than happy to be a part of your wedding planning journey. And who would love nothing more than to help take some stress off your plate. Keep reading to learn our tips on how to delegate the tasks on your wedding to-do list, so that you can fully enjoy your engagement.

Set a Budget - Bride’s Parents & In-Laws

The parents of both the bride and groom will typically contribute some money to the wedding budget. If this is the case, ask them to let you know an official amount they plan to contribute. Don’t leave it up in the air! This way, you can start your wedding planning journey with a strict budget, and be sure not to go over.

Compile a Guest List - Bride’s Parents & In-Laws

In addition to compiling a guest list yourself, your parents will need to do the same. It’s typical that the parents of the bride and groom are given the opportunity to invite some of their own friends for support. You will still get the final say, but its common courtesy to include them in this process.

Create Your Wedding Website - Maid of Honor

Unless you’re eager to create your own wedding website, it’s a task you can pass off. We recommend delegating this to the maid of honor, as she is the most likely to know the full details of your relationship and the wedding. Not to mention, it could be a lot of fun to read what she writes. Just make sure you give it a once over prior to publishing it!

Plan the Bachelorette Party - Maid of Honor

It’s pretty common knowledge that the maid of honor will plan the bachelorette party. Not only that, but it’s her responsibility to wrangle the rest of the people who are invited and oversee an itinerary, as well as the costs. Overall, she should ensure that the bride doesn’t have anything to worry about other than showing up.

Plan the Bridal Shower - Mother of the Bride/Maid of Honor

A slightly more formal affair than the bachelorette party, the bridal shower is most often planned by the mother of the bride and her aunts. They are responsible for this event from start to finish, including invitations, food, and entertainment. However, some brides will opt to have a second bridal shower for younger guests, specifically her friends. In which case, you will need to delegate a bridesmaid, usually the maid of honor.

Book the Rehearsal Dinner - In-Laws

The formal dinner following the rehearsal, this event is typically put on by the parents of the groom. This is traditionally the main way that they contribute monetarily - covering the cost of the venue, dinner, and drinks. However, the bride and groom are still responsible for choosing the venue and food, as well as specifying who is to be invited.

Shop for Bridesmaid Dresses - Maid of Honor

Some brides opt to shop for bridesmaid dresses following their wedding dress appointment. But with many brides choosing to allow their bridesmaids to shop online, this process can be slightly more chaotic. In which case, we recommend asking your maid of honor to oversee the show. She will be responsible for ensuring that all the bridesmaids purchase the correct gowns and that they have all the necessary accessories.

Shop for Groomsmen Attire - Best Man

Just like the bridesmaids, the best man will be responsible for overseeing the groomsmen. However, groomsmen are less likely to shop online. For this reason, the best man will need to be persistent about the other groomsmen booking appointments, specifying how the groom wants their attire to look, and the required accessories. Men are often laxer when it comes to their wedding getup, so we recommend being very specific about fit and color.

Create a Wedding Timeline - Photographer

While you’re welcome to use any of the premade wedding timelines online, we recommend delegating this task to your photographer. For a few reasons! For starters, it’s what you hired your wedding photographer for. Not to mention, they probably have their own template that they prefer. Second, unless you’re a wedding planner, then it will have to be approved by the photographer anyway. So you’re better off letting the pro handle it!

Book Nail Appointments - Maid of Honor

Don’t leave it to every girl in your party to book a nail appointment. Ensure they get it take care of by hosting a group outing instead. And ask someone, like the maid of honor, to take care of collaborating with your girls to book it. Similar tasks, like booking hair and spray tan appointments, can also be delegated - as long as they are delegated to someone who knows or has access to your schedule and the wedding timeline.

Record RSVPs - Mother of the Bride

Keeping track of RSVPs is probably one of the biggest pains of wedding planning. Especially if you have to track down people who didn’t write their names on the cards, or who have yet to respond. We recommend delegating this task to someone who knows the majority of your guests, like the mother of the bride or mother of the groom.

Steam The Dresses/Suits - Mother of the Bride

This is such a simple task, and yet it is frequently overlooked. In the days leading up to the wedding, you need to acquire two steamers. One to go with the bridal party and one to go with the groomsmen. From here, assign one person in each party to be responsible for ensuring that everyone’s clothing has been steamed. Including that of the parents of the bride/groom, the wedding party, any flower girls or ring bearers, and so on.

Give Tips to Vendors - Mother of the Bride

Finally, if you plan to tip your wedding vendors, get everything put together the day before the wedding. That is, write each vendor’s name on an envelope and place their tip inside before sealing it. Once done, give the envelopes to the mother of the bride to deliver on the day of. Then, you don’t have to think about it!

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