It might be in the 21st century, but modern weddings still revolve around extremely dated traditions. For many brides, following these traditions are expected or is the extent of their knowledge. From the white dress to matching bridesmaids, the wedding cake, and beyond. You may not even realize just how many aspects and parts of a wedding are rooted in tradition, or how they originated. And if you did, you might disagree with them entirely! This is why plenty of brides are choosing to diverge from tradition, and hosting a wedding that aligns with their modern beliefs and lifestyles. To help inspire you, check out these non-traditional wedding ideas that will ensure your day is one-of-a-kind!

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Groomswomen & Bridesmen

Previously, it was unheard of to have people of the opposite sex in the groom or bridal party. But we’re seeing more couples invite both male and female friends and family members to be a part of their entourage. Because why does a person’s sex or gender impact their relationship with the bride or groom? It doesn’t! This also ties into how your wedding party is dressed. Traditionally, the groomsmen and bridesmaids wear matching attire. But more brides and grooms are allowing their respective parties to pick out their clothes - a task most adults should be entrusted with. This allows the people you care about to showcase their personality and to be comfortable on your wedding day. You can still offer recommendations or have restrictions, but have some faith in your chosen friends and family.

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Involve Your Grandparents

Let’s be honest, kids are a hassle! They’re also unreliable. And for some brides and grooms, the thought of a child screaming and crying as they walk down the aisle is just too much. So as an alternative, couples are extending the honor to their grandparents. This is a great option for those who are hosting an adults-only wedding. Give your grandma’s the option to drop petals down the aisle.

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All the Pets

Having animals at your wedding is nothing new! After all, our fur babies are an integral part of our family and therefore a welcome guest. But, modern brides and grooms are inviting more than just cats and dogs to attend their nuptials. Nowadays, pets are doubling as entertainment. Think donkeys, llamas, camels, and beyond! Adorned with fresh flowers, and sometimes acting as waitstaff, animals are a fun and memorable way to greet guests at the reception. Plus, they make for a great photo opportunity!

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Wild Color Palettes

When people think of weddings, they think of bright and bubble colors. But just because a wedding palette isn’t bright doesn’t mean it’s not a joyous occasion. Some brides simply enjoy a rich theme or moody aesthetic, and that’s your right! Don’t cater to the expectation of a romantic all-white wedding if it doesn’t align with your personality. Your day is meant to represent your personalities, passions, and hobbies. So rock that festival-inspired or black lace wedding dress. The same goes for your groom! Let him strut his stuff in a rust-colored suit and floral bow tie. You only get one wedding, so do it your way.

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Giving the Bride Away

The tradition of ‘giving the bride away’ can be a beautiful moment, but it also originates from the idea that a woman was owned by her father. Ergo, giving the bride away was literally meant as the passing of property from one person to another. While this does not apply to modern weddings, you can make sure that there is no semblance of the original meaning by including your mother in the ‘handing off’. Walk down the aisle with your mother and father on either side. When your hand is placed in that of your fiance’s, have both parents be involved. This will make it clear that you have the approval of both of your parents, and show appreciation for the roles that they both played in your life.

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Wedding Accessories

A wedding veil and a garter. These are two wedding accessories that are included on almost every wedding checklist. But some brides are opting out of one or both of these accessories. The wedding veil in particular dates back to ancient Rome when a bride would walk down the aisle with a disguise to prevent evil spirits from ruining her day, as well as to protect her purity. Plenty of brides are switching this piece out for modern statement pieces, such as tiaras, flower crowns, and hair combs. As for the garter, it began to symbolize good luck and sometimes even fertility during the late Renesaince period. Therefore it became a prized item among guests. Now brides opt to purchase a set. One to toss and one to have as a keepsake! If you’re looking to rock a jacket on your big day, be sure to take a look at our customized jean jackets. They’re the perfect way to make a unique and stylish statement!

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What do you think of these non-traditional wedding ideas? Let us know your thoughts, or what other ways you plan to host a non-traditional wedding!

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