Planning a bach bash and need some ideas to help bulk up your itinerary? We’ve got you covered! Some bachelorette party games are plain boring or outdated. No one wants to play Bingo (unless there’s some fun way to involve alcohol anyways). We want to help you plan a memorable bachelorette weekend or trip that will have the bride thanking you for years to come. Take a look at the following list of bachelorette party activities, all of which your bride tribe will be eager to participate in!

1. A Best Friends Photo Shoot

There is nothing quite as hilarious as a best friend’s photoshoot! This activity can be as simple or as luxe as you want it to be. Simply purchase a phone stand or feel free to go as far as hiring a professional photographer. At most, you’ll want a cute backdrop, which can easily be created using a balloon, streamers, or signage. Don’t forget to purchase matching clothing, like a batch of our Babe Jean Jackets!

babe jean jacket

2. Steal the Beads

A fun bachelorette game, steal the bead is simple but oh so fun. You’ll start the night out by giving every person in attendance two pairs of beads. Throughout the night, the challenge is that they only drink with their left hand. If they drink using their right, they lose their beads to the person who points it out. Whoever ends up with the most beads at the end of the night is the winner! This is a great game to play on nights that you go out on the town to drink.

3. ‘For the Girls’ Party Game

By the creators of “What Do You Meme?”, “For the Girls” is a hilarious drinking game that you’ll play for hours on it. The goal of this game is to collect the most cards. How do you win them? Simply by performing the activities on the card you roll. Or is it simple? One thing is certain, you’ll be rolling with laughter and finding out some interesting information about your new friends.

for the girls game

4. Guess the Giver

A traditional bachelorette party game, guess the giver entails gifting the bride a new set of lingerie. One from each guest, all of which is placed in a bag. One at a time she will draw a piece out, at which point she has to guess who gifted the item. For extra fun, there can be a ‘punishment’ if she is wrong. A shot of alcohol is a good option, although you can also suggest that she tries the item on.

5. A Bar Crawl

Of course, a bar crawl is on the list! But why not enjoy a dinner or two out instead? You can, although a bar crawl is a much better way to learn the layout of the town you are visiting. It is also a better way to get a sample of the local craft beer and wine - without breaking the bank. Most places offer flights, so take advantage where it is available.

bar crawl bachelorette party

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6. A Cocktail Class

Cocktail mixing is a skill set that everyone should have - even if it’s just for yourself! Plus it’s a skill that you will be able to put to use throughout the bachelorette trip. Cocktail mixing classes will depend on your location, but they are often available in large cities. All you have to do to enjoy this activity is sign up and show up on time, as the ingredients should be provided.

7. Pole Dancing

If you’re looking for a confidence booster to kick of the weekend, you have to take a pole dancing class. This will allow you and your girls to loosen up in a casual setting while learning some fun and risque movements. A pole dancing class can be found in almost any city. If not, consider calling up a local business to see if they would be willing to offer a private, hour-long class.

bachelorette pole dancing class

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8. Piñata

Piñatas aren’t just for kids! At least not when you fill them up with mini liquor bottles, penis-shaped candy, and colorful condoms. This will be a nostalgia-inducing adult activity that you’ll giggle about for hours afterward. Plus, hitting around a piñata is a great way for the bride to reduce some of her wedding stress!

9. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an easy way to take up several hours of a day, all the while treating the bridal party to a tour of the town you are visiting. In some cities, you are likely to be able to locate a company that offers pre-arranged scavenger hunts. During which you enjoy food, drinks, and other activities. However, if a business is not available for this activity, feel free to create your own with specific businesses or historic landmarks as points throughout the hunt.

bachelorette scavenger hunt

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10. A Sip & Paint Class

Looking for something relaxing to do for an evening? A sip and paint class is a fun way to get your creative juices flowers, during which you can enjoy sampling a variety of different wines or mixed drinks. These classes usually have to be booked well in advance, so make sure you look into this activity before you arrive at your bachelorette destination.

When selecting activities for the bachelorette party, be sure to consider the goals of the weekend. First, to take the bride’s mind off of her impending nuptials. Second, to assist the bridesmaids in getting to know one another. Let us know which of these ideas are your favorite, or feel free to list any that we missed in the comments!

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