Mismatched bridesmaid dresses have become a popular choice for brides who want to let each of their girls shine! It allows everyone to feel confident and comfortable, while lending a chic vibe to your bridal party. As effortless as it may seem however, matching bridesmaid dresses can be tricky. Here are just a few tips on how to coordinate mismatched bridesmaid dresses, for a trendy looking line up. 

  1. Long or Short? Or Both?

One of the first things to consider will be the length of your bridesmaid gowns. This is often dictated by the weather. After all, you want your girls to be comfortable all day long. Typically you shouldn’t mix long and short gowns. Long dresses are more formal, while short dresses are casual. If you can’t decide between the two, opt for short dresses and allow your girls to go as long as knee length. Alternatively, allow them to wear long dresses, no shorter than knee length.

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  1. Same Color, Different Dress

An easy way to achieve a mismatched bridesmaid look is with gowns of different styles in the same color. This is easiest to achieve when all of your bridesmaids shop from the same brand. Otherwise, you may end up with gowns in slightly different shades. Note however that achieving this look can be difficult depending on the brand. Not every retailer will offer styles or sizes to accommodate everyone in your party. We don’t want anyone feeling left out or uncomfortable! 

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  1. Textures & Patterns

Brides tend to shy away from dresses of different textures and patterns. But when done correctly, it looks stunning! We understand that mix and matching these elements can be difficult, but we promise it’s possible. For starters, stick to shades and hues of the same color. In terms of texture, consider the season. Sequins and velvet look great together in the wintertime. Meanwhile florals and embroidery work well for the spring. Check out this girl gang rocking lots of pink!

Photo by Britt Rene
  1. Necklines & Waistlines

As your bridesmaids select different gowns, take note of the necklines and waistlines. You can ask them to choose styles that have the same necklines and waistlines, or allow them to mix and match. However, you don’t want too many or too few of one style. It is very noticeable if only one bridesmaid has a high neckline and the rest have a scoop. The same applies to the waistline. Aim for all of the same, or an equal mix.

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  1. Pick a Designer

If you find yourself struggling to pair bridesmaid dresses, select all of your gowns from one designer. Designers often offers similar styles or a line. This options lessens the styles your bridesmaids can choose from, which means they need less oversight. Instead of worrying about the designs they choose, you can focus on colors. Take for example this bridal party, wearing designs by Revelry. Notice that although they have different dresses, they have similar design elements. Such as ruffled bodices, spaghetti straps and flutter sleeves.

Photo by Feather and Twine
  1. Creating a Color Palette

When creating a color palette for your bridesmaids to choose from, consider your wedding scheme. Whether your wedding scheme is cool or warm-toned, your bridesmaids should match. From here, you can stick to a hues and shades of one color, or mix a range of colors. Just ensure that the colors are complementary! Take the photo below for example. As you can see from their floral arrangements, the color scheme is warm-toned with deep sunset colors. The bridesmaid dresses replicate this palette perfectly and look gorgeous together despite being so drastically different.

Photo by Jessie Casey

More Mismatched Bridesmaid Looks We’re Loving

In case you need a little more inspiration, check out a few of the mix and match bridesmaid line ups we can’t get over. Each of these brides successfully created a unique and cohesive bridal party look. 

This cool-toned bridal bunch is wearing a mix of blue-grey colored gowns. Notice the mix of materials, patterns and textures, which include sequins and a floral print.

Photo by BLVD Photography

We’re loving this pastel colored party, which has a focus on blush and sage. Notice how their dresses complement eachother in terms of style, with matching v necklines and ruffle details.

Photo by Ilva Rimicane

Green isn’t a popular bridesmaid color but these ladies pulled it off perfectly! They have an especially wide range of colors on show, from a blue-green to a silver-green.

Photo by Erin Blackwood Photography

These bridesmaids are rocking a timeless blush, almost rose gold color. Notice that two of the gowns are patterned while two are solid colored. You will also see that they have matching waistlines. 

Photos by Stories with Mel
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