A bridal bouquet is meant to be an addition to your wedding day look, like an accessory. It should complement your overall theme, as well as your color palette. Take a look at 12 season-less bridal bouquets, and flowers for bridal bouquets, to get some ideas for your own wedding. These stunning floral arrangements work year-round, with options for a range of styles.

1. Pinks and Reds

A rich colored bouquet, this arrangement is elegant and romantic. If not for the deep red blooms, it would be difficult to feature this bouquet past summer. It is made using red, pink and peach roses, as well as a vibrant crimson lily. For more height and texture, add both fresh and decorative whites sprays.

red and pink bridal bouquet
Photographer @adamandgracephoto⁠⠀/ Florist @therosehipandberry⁠⠀⁠

2. Berry-Tones

This lush bouquet features an array of purple and pink tones, including a deep berry and fuschia. While light pink is often associated with spring, deeper tones can be used year round. Notice the mixed textures of this arrangement, from the bold berries, to the Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth, and the soft blush rose petals.

berry toned bridal bouquet
Photographer @rebeccamarieart / Florist @persephonefloral 

3. Southern Red and Blue 

A bold red and classic blue are the perfect pair. This elegant arrangement features white anemones, roses, peonies and greenery. Simple and bright, it would be beautiful for a modern southern wedding. You can switch up the metallic accent paired with these arrangements depending on the season. Think cool silver for winter and spring, and a warm gold for summer and fall.

red white and blue bridal bouquet
Photographer @eileenmenyphoto / Florist @petalsandroots

4. Dried Boho Blooms

Dried bridal bouquets have become popular in recent years. This voluminous arrangement consists of beautiful whites, browns and a touch of a orange. Pampas grass is especially fun, as it lends a whimsical fluffy look. This style bouquet looks stunning for a boho or retro-themed wedding, and works with any neutral color scheme.

pampas bridal bouquet
Photographer @rachelpourchierphoto / Florist @flaurabotanica

5. Edgy Jewel Tones

This edgy jewel-toned bouquet features mauve, deep red, plum, crisp whites and a touch of blue. Paired with a sprinkling of fresh greenery, it is lush and vibrant. These colors look beautiful year round, whether you’re hosting an intimate spring wedding or a luxe winter event. With so many colors on show, it would be an easy bouquet to use with nearly any palette.

edgy bridal bouquet
Photographer @taylorr_mackenzie / Florals @girlluvsflowers

6. Timeless Neutrals

Neutral themed weddings have been especially popular as of late. These colors lend a simple and minimlistic but timeless look. This particular bouquet features clean whites and greenery, plus some brown and blush tones. With a nice mix of soft and fluffy floral textures, it is oh so romantic. 

white dried bridal bouquet
Photographer @carolinlauerfotografie / Florals @florist_lambert

7. Wild Texture

If you want to showcase texture, this wild bouquet is for you. It has a light and fresh look, with bright whites, browns and greens. Made with blooms of varying heights and textures, it has a unique natural feel. As though it was picked straight from a wildflower feild. It looks especially beautiful next to an equally textured dress, such as a gown with lace or embroidery.

green wildflower bridal bouquet
Photographer @marielhannah / Florist @marthaandthemeadow

8. Romantic Pastels

While most people associate pastels with the springtime, some shades work year round. This bouquet has soft yellow and pinkish-orange pastel florals, for a soft and elegant look. Bright greenery adds a more natural color to the arrangement, without compromising the airiness of the design.

blush and white bridal bouquet
Photographer @katlynmariephotoart / Florist @seventhstem

9. Purple and Mauve

Purple is a color that exudes a sense of royalty. This bouquet consists of mauve and white roses, deep purple blooms, and a touch of blue anemones. Although it features deep tones, brighter florals balance it out, for an overall romantic look. It would work well for any event, especially when paired with silver metallic accents.

mauve and purple bridal bouquet
Photographer @blairmarie / Florist @pineforcedar

10. Pure White

A bouquet of tightly packed white blooms are always in style. This style of arrangement is simple but exudes incomparable elegance. It looks timeless and is an easy choice if your love the all white bridal look. Your choice of blooms for this type of bouquet are wide. The most popular are peonies, roses, tulips and ranunculus’.

white peony bridal bouquet
Photographer @katbraman / Florist @xquisiteeventsfl

11. Lush Greenery

If your aim is a lush minimalistic look, consider a bouquet made purely of fresh greenery. A mix of crisp greens work year round, especially if you incorporate seasonal foliage. Think pine for winter and eucalyptus for spring. Although simple in terms of color, you can still obtain impressive height with this style of bouquet.

all greenery bridal bouquet
Photographer @mfeltphotography / Florist @bybloomers

12. Vibrant Crimson

This eye-catching bouquet is oh so bold. A solid red, is sultry and even a little sassy. A mix of red shades work year round, for both warm and cool weather weddings. It would look stunning from early summer well through late winter. Just imagine how it would POP against a crisp white wedding dress.

crimson red bridal bouquet
Photographer @madalynn.young / Florist @billieballco
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