Fun to create and aestheticlly pleasing, we love a wedding suite. By far the most important element however is your wedding invitation. It features all the need-to-know details about your wedding date, as well as a method for guests to RSVP. Making it all the more important that you get it right! To help you confidently create your wedding stationary, here are the most common wedding invitation mistakes to avoid.

Waiting Too Long to Order

Your wedding invitation should be mailed out to your guests six to eight weeks before the wedding. This will allow them plenty of time to RSVP. Meaning you will want to order the invites a few weeks prior. More, depending on if you plan to hire a calligrapher for the envelopes. To get the best savings, you also want to order at the right time. Most companies offer deals around the holidays, especially Christmas. So plan ahead and you’ll save a little extra money!

The Wrong Quantity

Don’t get us wrong, wedding invitations are expensive. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. In general, we recommend ordering more invitations than the number of people you plan to invite. Why? Mistakes happen and you’re bound to mess up a time or two. Leave yourself some room for error to avoid any extra stress. You will also want to keep a handful for keepsakes, for both yourself and other family members.
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Triple Check Spelling

Not once, not twice, but three times! You should review the spelling, and grammar, on your wedding invitations no less than three times. It is so easy to overlook spelling, and it can cause some serious problems. From offending the groom’s parents due to misspelling their last name, or sending your guests to the wrong wedding ceremony address. This is an embarrassing mistake that can easily be avoided with some extra attention or a second set of eyes.

Missing Details

Although wedding invitations should look beautiful, they serve an incredibly important purpose. It's essential that you include any and all details that guests need to know about your event. Be sure to include all the following:
  • The name of the host(s)
  • The name of the couple
  • Ceremony date & time
  • Ceremony location/address
  • Reception location/address ( & time if it will not immediately following the ceremony)
  • A dress code (if applicable)
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Improper Etiquette

A less common fact is that wedding invitation etiquette exists. And the list is rather long! One common mistake, is the wrong order of names. First goes the host -often times the groom’s parents. For the couple, the brides name is listed before the groom. Another issue is listing the wedding registry website. This information gose on the save-the-date, as it is impolite to put on an invitation.

Your Name/Address on Response Envelope

Alongside the invitation should be an RSVP card. It should come along with it’s own envelope, preaddressed. This address depends on who is taking care of the guest list, whether it be the couple or a parent. No matter, be sure that it is going to the right person. Be careful to write clearly so that it does not get lost, and do not forget to add postage. It impolite to make your guests pay for the return postage.
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Insufficient Postage

Over time, wedding invitations have gotten heavier an heavier. Due to the inclusion of secondary details, RSVP cards, and other additions. For this reason, people often mistake the weight of their invitations and lack sufficient postage. The post office will return them to you and the guests will get them later than is appreciated. Rather than play a guesssing game, take a trip to the post office to have your invitations weighed.
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