Let’s face it, cake isn’t everyones forte! And while you can still have a small cake for a traditional cake cutting ceremony, why not treat your guests to something unique? To help inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of goodies for every type of wedding and each season. From the cutest cookies, to personal pies and the prettiest popsicles!

1. Delicious Donuts

Donuts have become one of the most popular wedding desserts in recent years! Light and sweet, they're the perfect post dinner treat. Plus with icing and dough, it's not a far cry from a traditional wedding cake. Donuts also double as decor depending on how you opt to display them. Make a donut wall, or stack them on a cake stand.

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2. Fresh Pie

Cake or pie? It's the ultimate questions! While cake is great, we're pie fans ourselves! There is something extra warm and tasty about flaky dough paired with sweet fresh fruits and nuts. Consider serving up some personal hand pies, or keep it classic with sliced pies. Reserve pies with a lot of spices for fall or winter, and fruit-based options for spring or summer. Display them on cake stands of various heights for a fun dessert display.

wedding pie
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3. Bright Macarons

A French pastry, macarons have so much personality! They fit in your palm perfectly and can be made with an unlimited amount of flavors and fillings. Think fresh fruits for spring, or warm chocolate-based flavors for winter. We love this fancy cake and macaron display, although you can also stack them on a plate or a tiered stand.

wedding macaroons
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4. Pretty Popsicles

Popsicles are mostly limited to late spring through summer, but your guests are sure to love them! These icy treats will lend a sense of nostalgia to the season, especially if your event takes place outdoors. We recommend sticking to fresh and light flavors like fruit or citrus, versus anything that is heavy, such as creams and chocolates.

wedding popsicles
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5. Custom Cookies

Custom cookies are the absolute cutest! And who doesn't like sugar cookies anyways? These dainty desserts are a fun option for couples who want a sweet personal treat. You can keep it simple, with a fancy monogram or your initials. Or opt for something more colorful. Like your family pet or a hobby that you enjoy together.

wedding cookies
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6. Creative Cupcakes

We love a moist cupcake! It's cake, but in a much more convenient size (and with a little extra frosting). Cupcakes tend to go over a little better than cake, mostly due to how easy they are to grab and go. When choosing your decor, stick to the season. Such as bright florals for spring or summer, and seasonal sprinkles for fall or winter. Even better if you opt to have a little surprise filling in the center!

wedding cupcakes
Via @kerrys_bouqcakes

7. Sweet Ice Cream

While ice cream is a risky choice, we think it's a good one. Whats a little ice cream on your fingers when it tastes so good? Ice cream can be served up year round, although it is more popular around spring and summer. You can get crazy with flavors, but everyone will love the classics - strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. If you want to make it interactive, allow your guests to choose from a selection of cones and toppings.

wedding ice cream
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8. Crunchy Churros

A seriously underrated wedding dessert, do not overlook churros. Served up right out of the fryer, they're warm, crispy and just about melt in your mouth. Just be sure to provide a delicious dip, whether it be a classic chocolate, caramel, or a fruit-based sauce. This dessert will be especially appreciated at a cool weather or winter wedding!
wedding churros
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Can’t decide on one wedding dessert? Serve up a combination of your favorites! Your guests will appreciate having a few options - and probably take more than their fair share! Simply create a small smorgasbord for a cute dessert display, similar to a grazing table. Love one of these wedding dessert ideas? Let us know your favorite in the comment section below!

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