Food is a must-have for a wedding, and an expectation amongst wedding guests. In fact, it is often one of the most anticipated elements of a reception. But after dinner has been served? When the party runs late, you want to keep your guests fed and happy, so they can stick it out on the dance floor. Here are some of the best late-night wedding snacks that will keep your guests comfortable well into the night!


Pizza is a classic late night food that your guest won’t be able to resist! Greasy pizza is a perfect way to absorb some of the alcohol you’ll be drinking. Serve up some hot pies from a local shop, or from you go-to pizza chain. Just be sure to get a variety of toppings, including both meat and veggies.

pizza wedding
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A popular wedding snack, popcorn is a good option if you want a crowd pleaser. Everyone likes popcorn, plus it’s comparatively affordable. Consider serving up a variety of flavors, or consider setting up an array of toppings. Including sweet, salty, and savory add-ons!

Soft Pretzels

Who doesn’t love a soft pretzel? Equal parts sweet and salty, they’re a a fun treat and super filling. You might serve this treat alongside a tasty cheese dip and a 6 oz beer of your choice. Alternatively, dish up a selection of mustards from mild to extreme levels of heat.

pretzels at wedding
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Coffee & Donuts

If your venue allows you to stay late into the night, then you’ll definitely want to have some coffee on hand. Caffeine will keep your guests on their feet and mingling. You might hire a small coffee shop with a mobile stand, and order some donuts hot off the machine. If you do work with a coffee cart, consider offering up some unique drinks and fun flavors.

Quesadillas or Tacos

Just like pizza, quesadillas and tacos are a super tasty treat! Not only are they festive, but they’re a great pairing if your wedding bar includes tequila-based drinks. For this late-night wedding snack we recommend hiring a food truck. This way they will be fresh or hot off the grill.

tacos for wedding
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Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Shooters

When you need some food to keep you warm, especially at a winter wedding, go with grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters. Hot and packed with flavor, this nostalgic food is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. You can serve the grilled cheese in a shooter glass full of soup, or keep it casual with a small food bar.


If you want a food that will be filling and tide your guests over, go with hamburger or fried chicken sliders. Served up hot and on a buttery bun, it will be a memorable snack that your guests will eat their fair share of. Keep them simple or provide a variety of toppings, depending on what your budget allows.

wedding sliders
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Chips & Dips

If you’ve ever dreamed of hosting a chip and dip party, why not make it happen at your wedding? This hands-on food is fun and delicious, while allowing you to satisfy everyone’s palette. Get a solid mix of different dips, from a classic guacamole, to buffalo chicken, spinach dip, and a spicy queso.


It’s never too late for charcuterie! A selection of meat, cheese, and fruit spreads will go a long way to keep your guests full and happy. Not to mention they pair well with all sorts of alcoholic beverages. So keep the drinks flowing and your charcuterie board well stocked.

wedding charcuterie
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If you’re planning a warm-weather outdoor wedding, one way to keep your guests cool is with a cold and sweet ice cream treat. Your guests will appreciate this well thought out dessert, whether you provide them popsicles or ice cream sandwiches. In either case, be sure to have fun with the flavors, while providing plenty of the classics.

French Fries

French fries seem to taste best when enjoyed late at night. At a wedding, it will taste even better when chased by a cold drink. Consider serving up some hot fries of all different kinds, including waffle fries, sweet potato fries, zucchini fries, and classic fries. If you feel up to it you can also prepare a selection of dips, such as honey mustard, garlic aioli, and cheese sauce.

French fries at wedding
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You don’t have to be at the fair to enjoy a corndog! This festival staple will be a hit amongst your guests, since their not only tasty but easy to carry. They too pair well with alcohol, but especially beer. When it comes to toppings, keep it simple with ketchup and a variety of mustards.

Love these ideas for late-night wedding food? Let us know which one was your favorite, or if you have another idea!

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