All too often, brides get in a DIY mindset and start tackling wedding projects with gusto. Unfortunately, not all DIY projects are as easy as they seem! You’ll invest hours of your time and way too much money into a single item, just to end up scrapping it in the end. This being said, there are some wedding tasks you can DIY. You just have to be realistic about your skill levels and expectations. Check out a few of our favorite DIY wedding projects that most any bride can bring to life.

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Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

There are countless businesses that offer curated bridesmaid proposal boxes. But some gifts are best when they come from the heart! DIY bridesmaid proposal boxes are easy to make and will be much more meaningful if put together by your own two hands. It’s as simple as purchasing a few cute boxes and filling them with 3-4 items. To avoid getting overwhelmed, and going over budget, we recommend picking a theme for your gifts. Popular ones include self-care, booze-themed goodies, and day-of accessories. If you really want to get fancy, get out your paints or pens and handwrite each of your bridesmaid’s names and/or a note on the inside lid of the box. 

DIY bridesmaid proposal gift boxes

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Globe Guest Book

We love a guest book that doubles as decor! After all, what good is such a sentimental item if it’s just going to collect dust in the back of your closet? For a globe guest book, all you need is a globe, a paint in the color of your preference, and a paint pent. To start, paint over the entire globe so that it is one solid color. A lighter color is best so that your guest’s signatures will show up. Once dried, use a paint pen in a darker shade to write a sweet phrase on the globe (or feel free to leave it blank and opt for signage). Such as, “The Adventure Begins…”. Lastly, carefully pick a batch of pens to use. You can keep it simple with a solid black, but we recommend metallics!

DIY wedding globe guest book

Via @starboxcreations 

Wedding Pallet Program

If you’ve got a wood pallet lying around, why not put it to good use? Paper wedding programs are an unnecessary piece of wedding stationery. They almost always end up in the trash! Instead, paint your wedding program onto the pallet - after giving it a decent scrub. We recommend using black or white paint and letters in all caps, to make sure it is easy to read. Calligraphy is gorgeous, but hard to perfect and sometimes illegible. For additional decor, you can dress up your palette with fresh florals, like greenery or flowers that match your palette.

DIY wedding pallet program

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Table Numbers

Numbers for your wedding tables don’t have to be fancy, just functional! Meaning, there’s no reason to invest a lot of money into purchasing these tiny pieces of decor from a business. It’s as simple as purchasing a few rectangle pieces of acrylic. For the numbers, write them yourself, use a Cricut, or buy some stickers. Simply lean the numbers against your centerpieces, or buy simple sign holders. Should you prefer a more personalized set of numbers. Consider buying a matching set of frames and putting pictures of you and your fiance inside. Then use a paint pen to write each table number on the glass.

DIY wedding table numbers

Via @monaslettering

Photo Backdrop

In recent years, photo stations have become a hit! Guest’s love an interactive area that produces a fun keepsake. And the best part is, a DIY wedding photo station will also cost much less than renting a booth. To keep this project simple, a wall is preferable. But if you want a freestanding backdrop, then you’ll need to DIY a stand first. Afterward, you’ll just need some cheesecloth or another cheap material to use for drapery. If you like, dye it to complement your wedding palette. Lastly, decorate. Some brides go with fresh greenery and flowers, others prefer string lights. If you want to give your guest’s a physical copy of their photos, invest in disposable polaroid cameras. 

DIY wedding photo backdrop

Venue @kennolynevents / Photo @gracebaekphotography / Backdrop @madebyconnie

Crushing on one of these DIY wedding ideas? Let us know which one was your favorite, or if you plan to give one a try for your own wedding! If you have any other plans to DIY for your wedding, tell us all about it in the comments below.

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