A modern tradition, brides are opting to purchase a fragrance to be used solely on their wedding day, and on special occasions afterward. Plus, it makes for a unique addition to the ever-popular flat lay photos. But we understand that visiting any fragrance aisle can be overwhelming, with hundreds of brands and scents to smell. To help narrow down your options, we’re sharing our favorite top-rated wedding perfumes, with scents for every type of bride.

nests poppy perfume

Nest Wild Poppy

One of our personal favorites, this fruity floral fragrance blends Rose de Grasse and hints of Himalayan jasmine with luscious aromas of pear, raspberry, and apricot. It is soft, not overly floral scented, and refreshing. Not to mention the bottle looks beautiful for flat lay photos!

gucci bloom

Gucci Bloom

A scent designed to celebrate the authenticity, vitality, and diversity of women—flourishing in a natural, expressive, and individual way. Bloom is created to unfold like its name, capturing the rich scent of a thriving garden filled with an abundance of flowers, including Jasmine and Tuberose. This scent is a hit among brides who prefer a soft and feminine scent.

Tokyo milk perfume

TokyoMilk Honey & The Moon

A decadently different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with summertime buzzing bees. Subtle and sweet, it features notes of Honey, Sugared Violet, Jasmine, Sandalwood. This bestseller is popular amongst brides who enjoy a scent that is sensual but not overpowering.ysl black opium

YSL Black Opium

This is a seductively intoxicating women’s fragrance with opening notes of adrenaline-rich coffee and sweet vanilla that recline into the softness of white flowers for a young, modern scent. Inspired by the edgy and daring woman, it is a stunning option for brides who enjoy a scent that is feminine yet sensual.

nasamatto venue

Nasomatto Narcotic Venus

If you want a scent that is downright sensual, consider Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto. A tribute to Venus, goddess of love, this fragrance is entirely dedicated to feminine seduction. With a mix of floral and woodsy notes, it features cedar, jasmine, lily, orange blossom, and tuberose. It’s a captivating scent that might be as close as we get to a love potion.arabesque woods

Arabesque Wood

A long-lasting eau de toilette spray, Arabesque woods will keep you lusciously scented and fresh throughout your wedding day. Delicately scented with fresh lemon and ginger, it brings a fresh scent to the woody depth of moss and amber. Brides who want a light and natural fragrance will want to consider this one.
diptyque perfume

Diptyque L'eau Des Hesperides

In Greek mythology, the Hesperides were the nymph guardians of a garden with precious “golden apples”: citrus fruits. This perfume has a sparkling, green freshness with fruit scents that becomes stronger with spicy notes. A downright elegant perfume, this fragrance will put a spring in your step.
burren frond

Burren Frond

A sophisticated, feminine perfume possessing warmth, sensuality, and underlying complexity. The freshness of cut grasses sharpens the rich scents of Wild Rose, Violet, and Ylang Ylang with the soft Sandalwood base notes bringing depth and finish. It’s a truly unique scent that takes inspiration from the seas and forests of Ireland.
jo malone perfume

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede

Luxurious and seductive, Peony and Blush Suede is the essence of charm. Fragile with the scent of peonies in bloom. Flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose, and gillyflower. And sensual with soft, blush suede. This perfume is a sophisticated choice for a woman who wants a memorable adult scent.
bulvgari wedding perfume

BVLGARI Au Thé Blanc 

Reminiscent of rare white Himalayan tea from Nepal, Au Thé Blanc is a beautiful balance of sweet and musky scents. White tea and ambrette mix with a delicate blend of Artemisia and white pepper and a combination of musk and woody amber, creating a subtle warmth.

Have you heard of our used one of these popular wedding perfumes before? Let us know if you have a favorite, or which one you are looking forward to testing our for yourself!

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