Wedding favors are one of the most wasted investments that couples make for their wedding. Too often they go straight in the trash or are left sitting on a table. But with these memorable wedding favors, your guests will be tempted to take more than their fair share. Keep reading to get inspired by favors that are as fun as they are practical!
Single Serve Alcohol
You can't go wrong with single serve alcohol. Mini liquor bottles are relatively affordable, and of course cute. Consider choosing one that aligns with your theme or the time of year. For example, this couple chose to share their personal stash of Italian Limoncella.
limoncello wedding favor
Local Honey
If you want to gift your guests a treat but aren’t a fan of the typical cookie, consider a local sweet. Honey in particular will have a unique signature flavor profile due to the local foliage. Your guests will love getting a taste of the local fare, not to mention honey can be used in a variety of recipes. As an alternative, consider gifting them a small sample of jam or jelly.
honey wedding favor
Personalized Shucking Knives
With the popularity of beach and oceanside weddings, personalized shucking knives are the perfect party favor. For additional fun, consider dishing up some fresh oysters as an app or hors d'oeuvres. If you don’t plan to serve fresh seafood, rest assured, your guests will still be excited to use them on their own time.
custom shucking knife wedding favor
Custom Cookies
Cookies are a popular wedding favor, but customized cookies make for an even sweeter treat. Some couples opt for monograms, but by making the design relevant to your life or relationship, they will be even more memorable. Consider having them designed after your dog or cat, a hobby that you enjoy together, or the home that you recently bought together.
custom cookie wedding favor
Metal Shakers
Shakers are quite an investment, but they are sure to be a gift that your guests love. They’ll be excited to whip up a next level cocktail from the comfort of their own home - and think of your happy day while doing it. Why metal? They are high quality and long lasting, meaning guests are unlikely to toss it. And they'll be able to use it for years to come.
metal shaker wedding favor
Olive Oil
If food is a central theme for your wedding, olive oil is a unique gift. Considering the cost of olive oil, it is also quite classy. You can display it in small vials that are cute in addition to being easy to pour. For some extra fun, and a sort of teaser, consider serving the same olive oil with bread at dinner. Your guests will be eager to get home and use it in their next dish.
olive oil wedding favor
Photo @meganwelker
Personalized Glasses
Personalized glasses are always a hit, especially when they are high quality. They are especially fun if they are intended to use the day-of. Plus they can help reduce some of the waste that weddings typically produce. If you aren’t serving alcohol, consider camp coffee mugs instead. They are just as durable and as likely to be used.
wine glass wedding favors
Handheld Fans
Is your wedding taking place during the summer? Give your guest an escape from the heat with a wicker or rattan handheld fan. Stylish and easy to carry, they are ideal if you plan to host an outdoor ceremony where guests may be without shade. We guarantee that your guests will use these until the sun goes down, and probably on their next outing. Stray away from paper, which is more likely to be tossed due to damage, in addition to being wasteful.
handheld fan wedding favors
Mini Succulents
For the couple who loves nature or is hosting a green wedding, offer your guests a chance to test their green thumbs. Mini succulents are not only cute, but may introduce your guests to a new hobby. A word of warning however, mini succulents are not always easy for guests to take home. Especially if you have a lot of people driving or flying in from out of town.
mini succulent wedding favors
Luggage Tags
Perfect for a destination or travel themed wedding, luggage tags are an always needed gift. Luggage tags can be quite the investment, depending on the type of material that they are made of. You can go with leather, or a more affordable option like acrylic. Since it’s a bit strange to put your initials on someone else's luggage tag, we recommend having them customized by a calligrapher.
luggage tags wedding favors
Photo @foxtailco
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