If you have made the decision to host your wedding despite Covid-19, you will also want a bachelorette party. Unfortunately, this makes your maid of honor’s role a little more difficult than normal. With so many destinations closed and events postponed, your options for a memorable bach weekend are limited. To help spark some creativity, here are a few ways you can host a bachelorette party and keep your girl gang safe.

Go Glamping

camping bachelorette party ideas

Covid-19 is less of a risk in the remote wilderness! For the nature loving bride, consider a girls only glamping trip. Why glamping instead of traditional camping? It is a better option in case there are a few people who are less than gung-ho about sleeping on the ground. There are plenty of companies who currently offer glamping set-ups. So all you have to do is show up, stoke the fire, and enjoy the great outdoors! If you know the people in you party wouldn’t mind, feel free to keep things more primitive.

Backyard Bash

If you prefer to stay close to home, host a backyard bash. This can be especially fun if you have a pool. During warmer months you can stay cool in the water. If your bachelorette party takes place during the winter or early spring, consider investing in a sizable fire pit. Think of luxe vegas parties, with lots of good food and strong drinks. It is a simple but fun way to socialize while staying safe.

An Old Fashioned Sleep Over

sleepover bachelorette party ideas

Who said adults can't have sleepovers? Not us! There is nothing quite like having a cozy night in with your best friends. Do everything your younger self enjoyed, plus add some alcohol to the mix. We’re talking manicures, pedicures, and face masks. Or indulge in junk food while you binge watch your favorite movie series. If you want to kick things up a notch, consider hosting a gourmet dinner before hand, courtesy of a personal chef. You can even hire a professional mixologist, for a cocktail mixing competition. 

Book a Big Airbnb

Airbnb destinations make for intimate bachelorette weekends. It is a great option for a bride who simply wants to hang with her best gal pals. And since you aren’t planning to spend money at bars or attractions, you will have more to invest in unique and luxurious lodging. Depending on the season, amenities to look for include a movie theatre, a game room, and a hot tub or pool. If travel isn’t an option, take a look at Airbnbs in the nearest major city. 


If all else fails, consider postponing your bachelorette party. Putting your plans on the back-burner is the best option if your expectations aren't a reality. For example, some of your friends or family aren’t up to travel. Or the destination of your dreams is currently closed. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment or a party that is anything less than what would make you happy. There is no harm is hosting at a later date.

On a final note, let’s address an issue you may, and are likely, to encounter. Some people in your friend group may choose not to attend your bachelorette party. Due to Covid-19, not everyone will feel up to or comfortable with gatherings, of any size. This decision may be because of the nature of their job, daily contact with people who are more susceptible to the disease, or even personal preference. Don’t take their decision personally and don’t make a big deal out of it. If you take issue with one person not being able to attend, you should postpone your bachelorette party. Safety and the comfort of everyone should come first!

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