Selecting a hairstyle for your wedding day is task that requires some research. Your options are endless, and each style will lend something different to your bridal look. To help you get started, we’re sharing some of our favorite classic wedding hairstyles. All of which can easily be put to the test at your wedding hair trial. Plus, take a look at some of this year’s most stylish bridal hair accessories.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

When it comes to styling long hair, you will first want to consider when you are hosting the wedding. For many brides, having hair sitting on the nape of your neck for a warm-weather wedding is a no-go. Others find it to be a non-issue. Here are a selection of different styles for events of every season.

Braided Updo

One of the perks of long hair include the ability to pull of intricate braids. A braided updo is fun and perfect for a bride who doesn’t want to be restricted from moving. It will look beautiful and remain out of your way all day. For a more casual braided updo, pull a few of your fly aways down to frame your face. Go for a braided bun or even a double crown braid.

Perfect Curls

Some brides are intimidated by the idea of letting their hair flow freely on their wedding day, but don’t be. Styling you hair as close to natural as possible will ensure that you look like yourself. Not only that, but your unique texture is beautiful in and of itself. If you want to keep your hair down but worry it will be in your face, pin a few pieces under the hair towards the back of your head.

High & Sleek

Channel your inner Ariana Grande with a fun and flirty high and slicked back pony. This looks especially stunning if you have naturally straight hair. Contrary to belief it will look elegant and sophisticated when done correctly. Just make sure to tame your fly aways and lock them in place with some strong hold hairspray. Stay away from gel products so that you won’t feel like you’re melting in the heat of the day!


Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Brides with short hair can feel like they have limited options when it comes to wedding hairstyles. We’re here to shed a little light on some of our favorite short hairstyles, with options for women with pixie cuts and shoulder length bobs. 

Polished Curls

For a glamorous bride, we love some old hollywood curls. Defined ringlets look beautiful on shorter hair styles, plus they tend to have more volume. If you prefer a more casual style, you can brush the curls out to achieve a softer look. If you want the curls to look more natural, carefully separate the ringlets and apply a mousse for hold. 

Center Part

A modern and chic look, a center part takes some confidence to pull off. Simply part you hair down the middle and style as you prefer, whether it be straight, wavy or curly. This style looks especially gorgeous when paired with a thick headband or high placed veil. If you want more volume, part the section in front of the headband. Then brush the remaining section straight back, teasing your hair at the root.

Side Curl

For women with a pixie cut we love seeing volume. If you consider yourself a bold bride, we recommend an edgy side curl. Simply ask your stylist to brush your hair back and to one side, to create a large and soft curl. Lock it in place with a gel or strong hold hairspray. If you have lengthy hair that remains on the sides, braid and pin them towards the back of the head


Bridal Hairstyles Perfect for a Veil

Wedding veils are a traditional accessory that aren’t going anywhere. Even for non-traditional brides, a veil is a welcome wedding accessory. If you are planning to wear a veil you will need to take into consideration how to style you hair to accommodate the piece. Be careful to consider how the veil attaches to the hair, whether it is a clip a comb or a headband.


A timeless bridal hairstyle, a chignon is achieved by pinning hair at the nape of a neck. It is often intricately knotted or shaped into a sleek bun. This style lends a sophisticated look to any bride, and is especially popular for modern weddings. It works well with a wide variety of veils, from vintage-inspired birdcages to cathedral veils.


Half-up hairstyles work with a wide range of hair textures, making it a popular bridal style. Not only will it take some off the weight off of your shoulders, but it looks effortless. This style works well with comb veils, which can be place directly below or above the half-up portion of the hair. The length of the veil will not impact this bridal look, although a less wide style is preferred to showcase the half-down section of the hair.

High Updos

A stunning style for a more chic bridal look is a high updo. It adds an instant lift to your look and will prevent any discomfort from hair sitting at the nape of your neck. For women with long hair, consider a bun wrapped with a braid. In this case, place the veil below the bun. If you have short hair, test out an elegant french twist. With short hair, especially pixie cuts, place the veil above the twisted section of your hair. 


Trending Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal hair accessories are popular, especially for women who prefer minimal jewelry. Hair accessories help to tie a wedding look together, literally from head to toe. The best part is, with so many options, there is something to suit every bride’s style. Get inspired by a handful of the most popular hair accessories for the modern bride.

Pearl Embellished Headbands

A popular item used in jewelry, pearls complement white wedding gowns beautifully. They are simple and won’t draw attention away from your dress. Pearl embellished headbands come in all sorts of styles, featuring pearls big and small. This accessory will lend a more casual vibe to your wedding day look, perfect for a more chic or laid-back bride. 

Jennifer Behr Vivaldi Headband
Jennifer Behr Baily Headband

Ribbons & Bows

Ultra feminine, ribbons and bows lend a slightly vintage yet elegant vibe. They can be as simple as piece of satin, or as intricate as an embroidered piece of tulle. In either case, it looks stunning.

The Avenue Monogram Bow
Penelope Pearl Bow

Delicate Tiara’s

Tiara’s have long been a popular bridal accessory. Rather than a piece that is over the top however, we prefer something more delicate. These accessories are perfect for a bride with an understated romantic style. 

Layla Gold Bridal Headpiece
Twigs & Honey Roxanna Halo

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