When it comes to your wedding day, your groom should look as good as you do! You want his personality to shine through, as well as for him to feel comfortable and confident. All the while complementing your overall wedding style or theme and color palette. Keep reading for some fashion inspiration, fit for the modern groom!

Groom Style Tips

Determining your groom’s wedding style is all about finding a balance between his personal style and your wedding day vision. Here are a few tips on how on styling your groom.

Inject Your Personality

When helping your groom find the right suit, his comfort should come first. So start with determining what he does and does not like. Just as you did when you were searching for your wedding dress. Does he want a lot of color or something more timeless and understated? Perhaps he wants a suit jacket that features a fun pattern or a soft and luxurious texture. Whatever it may be, help him figure it out. Just make sure to consider the season, as well as your wedding style and color scheme. Be careful not to dictate too much, as it is his day too!

The Perfect Fit

One of the most important aspects of a suit is the fit! First things first, let’s establish that a tailored suit will always look better. Made or altered to your groom’s specific measurements, it will look the best and be the most comfortable. Plus, different types of suits, tuxedos, and clothing combinations will offer a unique look. So determining the type of event you plan to host, casual or formal, will help narrow down your options. 

  • Slim fit - Without any excess fabric, slim fit suits are stylish with a narrower chest and waist for a sleek look.

  • Classic fit - Classic fits suits are the type of suit your groom would wear on the day to day to work. They are no frills but professional.

  • Modern fit - This style can be dresses up or down. It is a comfortable in between of the slim fit and casual fit.

Groomswear Trends (H2)

Let’s face it, not every groom is up to date on their wedding attire options. To help inspire him, here are some of the hottest groomswear trends to consider!

Luxe Textures

One of our favorite groom fashion trends are luxurious textures! Think luxurious tweed and knits, plus rich velvet. No matter when your event takes place, these gorgeous textures will lend comfort and a cozy look. Depending on your style you can find these materials in bright textures, for an all around lavish ensemble.

tweed suit
Via @jessieanddallin / Suit / Ring @populent

green velvet suit
Via @karolinabryner

Prints & Patterns

Aside from textures, prints and patterns are popular. Whether you opt for a full patterned suit, or just a jacket, it will lend a fun vibe. Rock a bold checkered, plaid or windowpane print suit. A modern solid or bright floral print. Or even a memorable houndstooth or paisley.

grey plaid suit
Via @studiophylicia

green plain groom tux
Via @piechota_magdalena

Bold Colors

With the bride wearing white, a colored suit is an easy was to add a bold punch of color to your wedding party. Nowadays suits can be found in next to any color, whether you want a more understated or vibrant look. For a more classic pop of color, consider a deep navy or purple. If you'd prefer a bright and memorable style, opt for a red, orange or mauve.

orange groom suit
Via  @dawn.charles / Planner @maeandco_creative / Florals @goodseedfloral / HMUA @brittanyblanchardmakeupartist / Suit @topman & @theblacktux 

mauve suit
Via @carriemcguirephoto / Suit @stitchandtie / Florals @alacarteflowers / Styling & planning @whimsiephotographie / HMUA @brittanyheim / Groom @mr._.z4ck

Trendy Bows & Ties

If you're rocking a suit then you're probably considering some neckwear. There are always classic ties and bow ties, although they are available in more fun colors and prints than ever before. You might also try out some trendy and hip alternatives, like a western-inspired bolo tie.

bolo tie groom
Via @mountainoccasions / Florals @florabynora_ / Photo @taramarolda

floral tie groom
Via @nicstephensphotography

Slick Shoes

Easily a groom's favorites style decision are his wedding shoes. Of which there are too many to choose from. But some of the current most popular include loafers, often velvet or patent leather, especially for formal or traditional events. Brown is equally popular, although somewhat more casual. You will find that they more often feature classic laces and unique buckles.

black loafers
Via @annadelores

brown grooms shoes
Via @marionschranner_fotografie

Vested or Jacket Free

Some men enjoy jackets, others do not. An opinion which may also be dictated by the weather. If you aren't a fan, opt instead for a vest or to go jacket-free. A vest will still lend a classic wedding look, yet be more comfortable. Going jacket free on the other hand is slightly more casual, but can be dressed up depending on your accessesories.

black groom tuxedo
Via @winnercircleevents / Photography: @bestudios_sd / Florals+Rentals: @pacificeventproductions / Menswear: @stitchandtie @friartux

groom no jacket
Photographer & Stylist: @tilldeathdoweadventure / Groom @shanematheny


The icing on the cake of your groom ensemble are the accessories. Depending on the look you're going for and his style, you can add on a variety of different pieces. One popular accessory being suspenders, which are a popular alternative for jackets or blazers. If you do wear a jacket or blazer, consider topping it off with a matching handkerchief. Of course, you can also wear jewelry. Watches are a popular gift from the bride, although your own will work just fine.

groom suspenders
Via @daziusa / Photo @magicarrowphotography / Concept @persiebaroody Models @jaygotsoul89 @ms.tiharalatae_

groom handkerchief
Planner/Designer: @fittingfetes / Photographer: @ltc.artist / Men's Suit: @blacklapel @blacklapelweddings / Groom: @drewxcoles @metplayers

groom rolex
Via @seraphicassets
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