Our Mission

The days you spend between the moment you say "yes" and the moment you say "I do" should be some of the most exciting and enjoyable days of your life!  But with all of the stresses and pressures that come with wedding planing, it's easy (and very common) to become completely overwhelmed during this process. We are here for you!

Our mission is to help women fully embrace, enjoy, and celebrate the time they spend as a betrothed. Our beautifully wrapped boxes that come straight to your doorstep every month are full of things to help you take a step back from the chaos of wedding planning, relax, and enjoy this journey. Our boxes include everything from date night activities, to items that will help you plan your wedding, to self care products, to things you can actually use ON your wedding day!

About Our Owner

I entered the bridal industry in 2016 as an accessories designer and specialize in luxury hand made bridal accessories. I have worked closely with many people and businesses in this space from small independent boutiques to large companies like David's Bridal. It didn't take me very long to see how stressful the process of planning a wedding can be for so many brides (including myself when I planned my own wedding), and it made me sad!   This is what inspired me to build the Something New brand. 

We are now a team of industry experts offering our experience and expertise to help to guide you through this journey.  We have spent years hand picking the best products to help you feel refreshed, excited, and prepared for you wedding.  Your boxes will be customized to best fit you according to the answers you provide on our quiz, no two brides-to-be will have the same experience.  

Again, congratulations and happy wedding planning!


Taylor and the Team at Something New Bridal Box