Bridal jackets are the latest in customized wedding accessories! Stylish and warm, a jacket is a fun way to add a personalized flair to your wedding day ensemble. But with so many designs to choose from, picking the right style can be tough. To help make the decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of wedding jackets for every type of bride! 
This design is for our brides who like a bit of bling! Large letters filled to the brim with rhinestones and pearls are sure to catch your guests’ eyes. Placed on a bright white jacket, it adds some umph to an otherwise traditional look. If you prefer a little less shine, consider asking your designer to go heavy on the pearls. We recommend pairing a white bridal jacket with a colored wedding dress, for some much-needed contrast.

glam bride jackets
A brown leather jacket featuring a warm-toned color palette is a gorgeous choice. It will beautifully complement an ivory or off-white, boho style wedding gown. Just imagine how it would look over top of a dress with intricate lace details, and paired with a matching stiff brim hat. This particular design features the brides’ new last name at the waist.

boho bridal jacket
Who says you can’t have some fun with your custom wedding jacket? This piece is a must-have for any alternative bride who wants to stir up some drama. The quirky saying and floral decorated skull are sure to make your mom roll her eyes. While the black leather lends a classic biker look, carefully consider the color of flowers that you feature. Pinks and purples will add some romance back into the mix.

black leather bride jacket
A simple jean jacket is the way to go if you want to maintain a traditional bridal look. It won’t completely pull the eye from you gown, but will definitely add to it. We love the thought that went into this design, particularly the wedding date hidden beneath the collar. You could easily make it your own by choosing another date of relevance to your relationship.

classic bride jean jacket
Diamonds may be a girls best friend but pearls are a close second! This chic design, available in our shop, features pearl encrusted shoulders for some fun texture. Placed on a dark jean jacket, each and every pearl looks especially white and bright. Meanwhile the brides last name was kept simple, in white embroidered calligraphy.

pearl studded jean jacket
Sometimes the simplest designs have the biggest impact! This jean jacket is plain except for the new last name of the bride. The elegant calligraphy and minimalist design is what makes it so stunning. It is a truly timeless piece that would pair well with any modern wedding dress. Not to mention it could be worn time and time again.

modern calligraphy bridal jacket
This piece combines some of our favorite elements in one design: tassels, sequins, beading and embroidery. It is a busy design, perfect for an edgy bride. Featuring classic neutral colors makes it modern, while the phrase “drunk in love” is all fun. It is an easy choice for the bride who really wants to put her personality on show.

fringe leather bride jacket
This jean jackets gives us major 70s vibes! Mostly due to the large blocky lettering, like a letterman jacket, and bright floral design. With a romantic phrase and beautiful colors, this wedding jacket is ideal for any bride. We image it would look especially beautiful over a vintage-inspired gown or more traditional dress.

floral bridal jacket
White leather is a superbly elegant choice. It will add a luxe look to any bridal ensemble. Meanwhile the bold colors and geometric design on the back is romantic. To make it even mor personal, consider featuring colors that match your bridal bouquet. Whenever you wear it later, it will remind you of your special day.

white leather bride jacket
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I AM IN LOVE! I cannot wait to wear this beautiful jacket on my wedding day!!! It fits great.

Madison K.

I love this jacket and I can not wait to wear it on my wedding day!

Kaylee B.

It’s literally perfect!!!

Livia N.

I’m obsessed! it’s so comfortable, fits perfectly, and I am so excited to wear it for my wedding and ever day after that!

Lauren W.

I love everything about my jacket! It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to wear it and show it off💞

Amber A.